Dining at Swenson's - Alvinology

Dining at Swenson’s

Boliao blog entry for a lazy Sunday. 🙂

I seldom eat at Swenson’s restaurant any more since my JC days. The previous few times I visited was when I was working at Youth.SG. We dined at Swenson’s for quite a few birthday celebrations as it’s one of the more commonly accessible halal restaurants.

A few weeks ago, Rachel and I went for a simple meal at Swenson’s, Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre as I got some vouchers to use up. I took some photos of the food we ordered, and they turn out looking surprising good, haha.

Dining at Swenson's - Alvinology

Dining at Swenson's - Alvinology

Dining at Swenson's - Alvinology

Taste-wise… since Botak Jones is just opposite of my work place, I already found a cheaper and better alternative to unhealthy, hi-cholesterol American food. Hence, no thanks. I probably won’t be going back in a while. :p

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  1. I stopped at Swenson’s since we couldn’t find the Movenpick restaurant.
    Had chicken there but it was undercooked because it was all purple.

    A small waitor asked if it was ok because we returned full plates, so we sad it was terrible because it was.

    No apologies or nothing. I will never return to that place again! Go to the rice table instead (imperial building). Angus steak house is also top notch but very expensive.

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