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The Curry Conspiracy

A bowl of beef curry which Rachel cooked
A bowl of beef curry which Rachel cooked

Are you wondering why all your friends on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites all seem to have sudden craving for curry recently?

Facebook pages to the like of “Cook A Pot of Curry!” and “National Cook Curry Day” are sprouting like infectious mushrooms, all asking Singaporeans to cook and eat curry on 21 August.

Well, it all started from this innocent news report on neighbours mediation, published in Today (Neighbours lack communication and increasingly intolerant, 8 Aug 2011):

When neighbours disagree …
by Quek Sue Wen Carolyn

Case 1: A family, who had just moved here from China, had resorted to mediation because they could not stand the smell of curry that their Singaporean Indian neighbours would often cook. The Indian family, who were mindful of their neighbour’s aversion, had already taken to closing their doors and windows whenever they cooked the dish, but this was not enough.

“They said: ‘Can you please do something? Can you don’t cook curry? Can you don’t eat curry?’,” said Madam Marcellina Giam, a Community Mediation Centre mediator. But the Indian family stood firm. In the end, Mdm Giam got the Indian family to agree to cook curry only when the Chinese family was not home. In return, they wanted their Chinese neighbours to at least give their dish a try.

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