Teen slashed to death at Downtown East

Teen slashed to death at Downtown East

I saw this series of disturbing pictures via omy.sg today. A 19-year-old boy, Darren Ng Wei Jie, was slashed to death in a gang fight at Downtown East yesterday.

You can read more about the incident via omy.sg or Straits Times.com.

The victim is said to be a third year at Republic Polytechnic. At this age, he has so much going for him in life. Now it’s all a blank.

The catalyst of the fight? A staring incident.

Goodness sake, the poor boy got himself killed because of staring? This is not the first such incident in Singapore.

Kids like to behave like heroes when they are in a group, emboldened by their peers. I was young before too, but I knew never to be a hero.

Kids, next time someone challenge you to a fight over some trivia issues, consider taking the the advice from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson – Beat It:

If you prefer a Hokkien version, this song,少年英雄, by Mark Lee (李国煌) shares the same advice:

China version of 少年英雄 with karaoke lyrics:

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