Pink Shirt GuyTalk about retarded websites. I bet this is one of the top ten –

It is a silly web shrine for this “pink shirt guy” (who else?) supposedly seen plastered on pictures and videos all over the Internet. Maybe I don’t surf the web a lot – because I only saw this pink shirt dude the first time when I log on the website!

Here’s what the site says:

It all started with a picture posted on the internet. Call it Photoshopped or call it real, Pink Shirt Guy is sure to make you question exactly what the hell is going on?

The mass forum populations across the internet thought that it was a hysterical picture for many reasons. His demeanor is calm and collective, his attire is smooth and refreshing, and he would be deemed Pink Shirt Guy.

His face has been morphed into other pictures, and ultimately a YouTube video was created by a forum member to showcase these altered photos so that hilarity would ensue. And it did…

What do you think? Is the story convincing? It think the owners/creators of the website are just trying to milk publicity themselves, by creating a fictitious character themselves.

By the way, they even created a retarded video based on the pink shirt dude to make it more convincing:

What the hell is going on?

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