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Alvinology goes Dot Com… Finally

Alvinology goes Dot Com! :)
Alvinology goes Dot Com! 🙂

Your friendly blogger, Alvinology has finally decided to go dot com, after over three years of blogging under the wordpress domain name. 🙂

Next time, you can just point your friend to instead of to look me up.

On a side note, I am damn pissed with either the taxi driver or passenger who picked up my key pouch last Monday (20 Sep).

I dropped it in a SMRT cab going from Potong Pasir at around 10.55am and alighting at Bradell Road at 11.00am sharp.

I knew I dropped my key pouch almost immediately after getting off the cab and going into a lift in my office. If not for a dumbo who made the lift go to the top floor instead of going down immediately for me too chase after the cab, I might have gotten my key pouch back. The dumbo was still eating a banana when the lift door opened and asked me if the lift was going up or down when he was already on the top floor!

Anyway, together with my key pouch, I lost my EZlink card, NRIC, staff pass, Shenton Medical staff card and my house keys.

I was hoping the person who picked it up will return these asap to either SMRT or the police whom I had contacted. It has been a week since, and I still hear no news.

In the meantime, I wasted $60 to replace my house locks, may have to waste another $50 or so to replace my staff pass and Shenton Medical staff card… and another $100 to replace my NRIC.

These items are worthless to the person who picked them up. I cannot understand why the person cannot be helpful enough to hand them over somewhere. If I was the one, I would have done so (and I have done it before).

Tough luck.

It was some selfish bum who picked up my key pouch.

Then again, I should just blame myself for being careless. Next time I take a cab, I will always ask for a receipt, knowing how unreliable the lost and found services are now.

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