Sexposed deep deep

Sexposed deep deep

Don’t fxxk around with dragon ladies from China. Here’s what happened to a Singaporean man who did – he had his sexcapade and personal particulars all exposed online by the very woman he scorned (an additional bit of cyber-sleuthing revealed the guy is from the same secondary school as me and was from the class of 1987).

Here’s the account on her blog. It’s in terribly broken English, but in summary, she left her nightclub job to be with this man who left his wife for her and even underwent an abortion for him. However, when he gotten a job in Hong Kong and discovered younger meats in the local nightclubs, he decided to dump her:

A heartless Singapore Guy
December 23, 2008 by chinagirl08

2004 Feb Kelvin first meets me at Tiananmen night club when he was working in the OCBC as a trader. I was popular girl in the Tiananmen. Kelvin start chases me after that which he become a regular customer until today. Kelvin waiting outside my school for bring me go to lunch, he looking for any opportunity come to Tiananmen when he got client from happy hour until night time, he usually sit down until the last one leave to the club.

21 Mar my 21 birthday. Kelvin bought 1carat diamond ring for my birthday gift. We went to bar at Marriott Hotel basement, I was drunk by his friends Adam. We have first sex after he send me go home. After that he usually stays in my house. I don’t know how he handles his marriage but I only know Pauline wants divorce.

On June he asked me stop night club work after he quit OCBC and find another job increased salary. He promised to me he will take care me forever even when I go back China. I earn quite much as I am popular girl in the night club. Kelvin earns $7000 each month, he need afford his house and car so he does not have enough money for me. I decide to choose with him after he promised to me again and again even promised to me will never touch his wife in his life.

We are moved to Toa Payoh because cheap rental but also near his house, but we were cheated by owner. The owner forced us leave his house after we pay one year rental which we only stay in three month. We made a lot police report but it does not work. I fell crazy when owner come to disturb every night time. Meanwhile Kelvin changed job again after working BP six month then working in the Standard Chartered Bank.

Sep 2006 I have pregnancy but Kelvin give up his baby even he is Christian. He explained to me he is too busy of the work and money is not enough too, he promised to me we will have a lots baby in the future and he also promised to me he will never have any other women in his life otherwise he will go to hell! So I went to abortion after 3 month on Dec.

May 2007 Kelvin was hired by RBS and transfer to HK. He accepted working in HK because of the high salary $130,000HK each month. First month he stays in 888 service apartment in Central HK provided by company. He invited me visited him but I was busy for the school. Thought deep think I choose give up my study go company with him in HK.

23 Jul 2007 I first visited to Kelvin in HK. He stay in Shama service apartment when his wife not around. Since then I go visited him every two month, he bring me to the Disneyland. I found him enjoy the night club in HK because all the girls can go out have sex and paid by company.

Nov 2007 his friends bring him go to the Dongguan which is small town in Guangdong Province but popular of the night club girl. The girls’ average ages are 18, most of them only 16 and come from small city or country. Compare to HK there is much cheaper. The girls tip only $200RMB for sit down one night and $800RMB if they have sex with the customers.

2008 after few times having fun in Dongguan Kelvin adopts a 17 years old girl and gives her house in Shenzhen so he easily transform from HK. Of course this information provide by his friend in HK. That is the reason he still needs go visit HK customers every month totally under company’s expenses. Kelvin start reject me visit him in HK and lied to me which company will transfer him to London and company give him three years employee pass in London. Actually he already back in Singapore.

July 2008 Kelvin scold to me “frog off” when I found him in his office One Raffles Quay, he never fell any guilt when I decide to give up all the things include youth, money, friends, study and baby. He has no any reason dumped me without any responsibility in nearly 5 years. I can not believe the man changed from bought 1 carat diamond ring to scold me even want me to die.

My parents very angry when they heard Kelvin dumped me without any responsibility. They never agree me with him because he has wife but I insist it. My mother wants to talk to him but he refused. She very worried me wants come to here to see me. My mother has not good health. Doctor find tumors in her brain result her eyes can not see clearly while her waiting the visa. My mother suddenly passes the way 25 Oct 2008.

21 Nov 08 Friday Kelvin told me he divorced moved stay with his parents and he blamed its all my fault.

Today Kelvin is very proud in his life because got high salary, every night go to night club having fun with club girl was paid by RBS. He take the night club bill invoice to the company explain it is for customer so company will pay everything. He often go to the Lunar, Tiananmen building from level one to level five.

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