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Bye Bye Jeremy Koh

Bye Bye Jeremy Koh

The previous Sunday, Rachel and I, together with two other friends, Raudaa and Wan Churn, bade farewell to our friend, Jeremy Koh .

Jeremy is heading to Tianjin (天津), China for a permanent job posting. He is the guy who traveled with us to India some time back, “serving” as our tour guide.  Being a good-natured and jovial guy, his presence will be dearly missed. Hopefully, we will get to travel together again to other parts of the world.

We dined at Republic of Steak at Victoria Hotel that night. Rachel and I chose a western restaurant as we figured Jeremy will get to enjoy Chinese food aplenty once he is in Tianjin.

Restaurant farewell shot

Restaurant farewell shot

As a farewell gift, Rachel and I bought him a bottle of liquor from Southern Australia. We knew Jeremy’s appetite for extreme gourmet, hence we bought him an unique drink called “Mezcal” which really has two worms inside.

Jeremy gamely knocked down a few shots of the vile liquor. Rachel and I tried a bit of it. The liquor was strong, containing 40% alcohol content. It burned a little with a herbal after-taste, probably coming from the worms.

Worms drink for Jeremy

Worms drink for Jeremy

Drunk on worms flavoured moonshine

Drunk on worm-flavoured liquor

After dinner, we played a few rounds of pool and then really bid Jeremy farewell. All the best in Tianjin dude.

Parting shot at the pool parlour

Parting shot at the pool parlour

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  1. Miss Glitzy

    what is jeremy gonna do at Tianjin? still with mediacorp?

  2. sam

    hi alvin.. how’s jeremy doing there lately?? he will be surely missed.


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