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The 7 Kallang Sarawakian Monsters


Singapore has always pride itself as a safe country where residents can roam free at night, even past midnight. Crime rates are low and even if there are robberies, they are more of the snatch and run variety whereby victims are seldom seriously injured.

Seven men changed this recently.

Seven foreign workers from Sarawak attacked four victims viciously on Sunday to rob them of a grand total of S$400 and three cellphones. The cowards slashed and hacked all their victims, leaving one dead, two seriously wounded in ICU and one with four fingers hacked off.

The victims were chosen at random and have no relation with each other.

I am trying to find the photos of all these scumbags. So far, I managed to dig out three as below:

Three of the 7 Kallang Sarawakian Monsters
Three of the 7 Kallang Sarawakian Monsters

Six of these monsters have been caught. One is still at large:

MICHEAL GARING, 22. Status: Facing murder charge.
SHAHMAN MILAK, 21. Status: Facing gang robbery charge.
SYLVESTER BAROGOK, 25. Status: Facing gang robbery charge.
HAIREE LANDAK, 19. Status: Arrested.
PETER USIT MUSA, 22. Status: Arrested.
TONY IMBA, 31. Status: Arrested.
DONNY MELUDA, 19. Status: At large.

I hope the police will get to him soon. Killing and severely wounding four strangers for just S$400 and three cellphones? What were these seven heroes thinking? Divide S$400 by 7 and each monster will only get less than S$55 each…

Not only are these monsters incredibly cruel, they are incredibly dense too. There are many other ways to commit crime with lesser punishment and without having to harm others (not that I condone crime, I am just citing what logical thinking criminals would do). What were they thinking? That it’s brave and warrior-like to gang ambush lone victims from behind with weapons?

In another report, I read that two of the monsters apparently managed to leave Singapore to Malaysia after committing the crime, but were so smart that they decided to cross back again and get arrested…

I rest my case on their intelligence. I hope these seven stone-age barbarians will be dealt with duly by the Singapore law soon.

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  1. i m from sarawak too..i seriously apologize on behalf of all sarawakian about the cause. i know a sorry cannot bring anything. i feel so much disgrace to see these babarians doing such a babaric things. we sarawakian no longer consider them as part of sarawak anymore for they had bring shame n embarrasment to our ppl..we sincerely apologize..

  2. Dear Jim, you need not apologise. Sumbags exist in every country, every city. These seven just happen to be from Sarawak. I am sure not all Sarawakians are like them.

  3. anyways a little update.

    the 3victims currently in tan tock seng hospital, has quite a number of people, strangers in particular, coming with cash to donate to the victims.

    so many people wanted to help the victims that the ward head nurse had to take down donors details instead and informed donors that they would be contacted when the victims(patient) is discharging.

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