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Sovereign woman Paramjeet Kaur Bail set at $10,000, refused to state name to judge

Wonder what happened to Paramjeet Kaur, the 41-year-old ‘sovereign’ woman?

According to a report by The Straits Times, her bail was set at $10,000, on the condition that she give up her travel documents.

Is she still insisting on sovereignty in Singapore?

Alvinology previously reported on the case of physiotherapist Paramjeet Kaur, who was arrested on May 4 in the evening after several instancces of her defying face mask rules and other Circuit Breaker methods surfaced online.

The Singapore Police Force had posted on the Facebook page that they made the arrest, saying “On 4 May 2020 at about 9.10 pm, the Police arrested the 41year-old Singaporean woman who had assaulted a member of the public, caused public nuisance, and was not wearing a mask at Shunfu Mart yesterday.”

Another Alvinology report showed that Paramjeet was allegedly remanded to the National Mental Health Institute on the recommendation of the prosecutor. On her May 5 trial, she had insisted on her “sovereignty” which she also specifically “extended” to her lawyer at the time, Mr. Satwant Singh. She has since changed lawyers, and was seen to be represented by Mr. Anil Singh Sandhu.

What happened to sovereign woman Paramjeet Kaur’s trial?

According to the same report by The Straits Times, Kaur had just come from being remanded to a mental facility for two weeks. When asked by the court to state her name, she refused to do so twice. Her lawyer was the one who confirmed her identity to District Judge Adam Nakhoda.

Aside from her earlier charges, she was accused of failing to wear one over her nose and mouth at an Upper Thomson Road food stall at around 7:45pm on April 26, she received an additional charge of failure to report her change of home address to a registration officer within 28 days after she moved in November last year.

Her previous charges include one count of being a public nuisance and three counts of violating Covid-19 rules. She failed to wear a face mask on several occasions and even went so far as to dine at a restaurant seven days after Circuit Breaker measures were put in place.

Kaur was also asked if she understood her additional charges. She then replied, ““I’m a living woman. I reserve my rights.”

Who is sovereign woman Paramjeet Kaur?

According to Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, Kaur’s mother agreed to be interviewed and said that her daughter had been married 20 years ago in Australia. She was a physiotherpist and only recently moved to Singapore.

Her mother reportedly found out about the viral videos involving Kaur when her friends shared them to her. She was also the one to hire a lawyer for her daughter.

What is a sovereign?

Alvinology previously reported that a sovereign is a person who does not recognize the laws of a country, and instead picks and chooses which rules to follow–which leads them to various crimes involving bureaucracy and false documentation.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US classified people who believe in sovereignty as “domestic terrorists” and are being monitored for criminal activity that involve impersonation of government officials and other white collar crime.

Kaur’s trial resumes on June 2.

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