Shunfu Market woman Paramjeet Kaur is remanded to IMH, claims 'sovereign immunity' - Alvinology

Shunfu Market woman Paramjeet Kaur is remanded to IMH, claims ‘sovereign immunity’

Who is sovereign Paramjeet Kaur?

40-year-old Paramjeet Kaur, the repeat offender who refused to wear a mask on two instances and was caught in a viral video insisting that she was ‘sovereign’, was charged in court today and represented by lawyer Satawant Singh

According to a report by The Straits Times, she appeared in court on May 5 with a face mask, and faced three charges under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020 and one charge of public nuisance. 

She previously insisted on a viral video that she was ‘sovereign’ and that the police had nothing to do with her, and boasted that she was not reprimanded for a previous offense of not wearing a mask on April 15.

What is a ‘sovereign’ and why is Paramjeet Kaur called ‘Ramesh’s wife’?

She was arrested at 9:00 in the evening on May 4 and attended her hearing through a teleconference from the Central Police Division. She had pulled down the face mask to expose her mouth and nose during the hearing.

One of the most notable events during the hearing was when Kaur “extended” her ‘sovereign’ status to her lawyer. A report on TODAY mentioned Kaur’s direct address to the court, “I would just like to say something. I am a living woman and that is my only capacity in this matter. I extend my sovereign immunity to Satwant and I asked Satwant to represent me.”

A previous report on Alvinology mentioned that sovereign citizens are individuals who ascribe to the practice of following and flouting laws that suit them at any given time. They are more common in the United States of America, but have grown in number all over the world.

They have been proven guilty of falsifying public documents, bank fraud, impersonating government officials, and property grabbing.

Shunfu Market woman Paramjeet Kaur is remanded to IMH, claims 'sovereign immunity' - Alvinology

What did Paramjeet Kaur say during her trial?

Aside from Kaur’s claim to being a ‘sovereign’ she also had other odd requests during the trial.

The investigator’s report mentioned that Kaur asked, “To be referred to as thou, thy, thee.” She also mentioned that she was “not a person.”

The report also mentioned that several case witnesses called her ‘crazy’ but that her lawyer thought she did not suffer from any mental illness.

“We’re not sure if the accused is currently fit to plead in court… this would be advantageous not only to the prosecution but counsel as well. If counsel wishes to speak to her, he can do so after the IMH remand.” said the prosecutor.

“Did the investigation officer consider me sane enough when he was reading the charges to me?” Kaur asked, repeating that she was “extending her immunity” to Singh.

Paramjeet Kaur’s mother sheds light on her troubled daughter

According to a report from Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, Kaur is a Singaporean but does not live with her mother. She works as a physiotherapist and graduated from a polytechnic college in Singapore then went to Australia to further her studies 20 years ago.

In Australia, she got married 10 years ago and divorced 1 year into the marriage. She only returned to Singapore last year on December 5.

Her mother said that she called up Paramjeet after photos of her defying the police officers were circulated on social media. The mother’s friends had seen the pics and alerted her. She then asked Paramjeet over the phone why she was not wearing a mask outdoors and her daughter allegedly responded by saying that she didn’t wear it because she felt uncomfortable in it.

The same report from TODAY said that the police prosecutor recommended a psychiatric evaluation for Kaur, but that she declined. Her remand to the IMH is for two weeks.

She will be back on court on May 19.

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