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Shaun and Carol’s Wedding Party @ Blu Jaz Cafe

Attended this wedding party last year in December. It was fun! Not like the usual boring Chinese wedding dinners where strangers sit around at tables and just eat and do nothing.

Shaun and Carol told me they did have the traditional Chinese wedding reception at the Chinese restaurant at Haw Par Villa earlier. This one at Blu Jaz Cafe was mainly for friends.

Here are some pictures stolen from their online album HERE.

customised M&Ms
Customised M&Ms for everyone!

shaun and carol dancing
Shaun and Carol showing off their moves

shaun dancing
Shaun, locking with the crew

Shaun and Carol with the dance trio

soul 56
performing band, Soul 56

my homies from CS!

shaun, carol, rachel and me
Shaun, Carol, Rachel and me

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