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Eelyn Kok (郭蕙文)’s “explodes in your mouth” gaffe

Via EDMW. This is a trivial incident actually, but I found it rather amusing. 🙂 MediaCorp star, Eelyn Kok (郭蕙文) gaffe on a food show, describing the taste of the food she was sampling as “explodes in your mouth” has been taken out of context online and treated as an online catchphrase joke – to the tune of classics like “all your base are belong to us”.

I can’t find the video clip of her uttering the catch phrase, but here’s an animated GIF done by icyblakes whereby you can read Eelyn’s lips to make out the phrase:

The taste is really... explodes in your mouth!
The taste is really... "explodes in your mouth"!

There were many online users who went to poor Eelyn’s blog and left spoof comments on her tagboard related to  the tune of “mouth explosion”, “exploding in the mouth”, etc.

Fans showing their support for Eelyns catch phrase on her tagboard
Fans showing their support for Eelyn's catch phrase on her tagboard

If the online viral effect goes on, maybe this “explodes in your mouth” phrase will become the ultimate complement anyone can heap on the taste of any cuisine. Incidentally, that could be just what is needed to propel Eelyn’s half-baked status in the Singapore entertainment scene to actual stardom. Hence if you like Eelyn, help spread the catch phrase yeah? 🙂

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