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Those of you who know me will know that I am an avid comic book fan. I read Japanese manga, western superhero comics, Hong Kong martial comics, Malaysia’s Lat, Singapore’s Mr Kiasu, etc, etc

My room looks like a mini comic rental shop with shelves after shelves of comic books. When you read this much comics as I do, you may develop an warped taste for bad content occasionally. Once in a while, I find delight in reading an awfully bad comic that breaks all the golden rules of comic book convention.

It is the kind that’s so bad the speech bubbles make no sense; the characters are so badly drawn and hideous looking that they are not even convincing as alien life forms; the story is either downright predictable or so lame it make you cringe and wish you were dead…

Do you share this idiosyncrasy of mine as well?

If so, here’s a website just for you – Stupid Comics!

Check out these scanned pages taken from a comic called Areba Koala:

AREBA KOALA is the charming story of a koala bear named Areba and his girlfriend, a penguin named Kep. Coming straight out of the San Francisco proto-furry post-underground “groundlevel” comics scene of the mid 1970s, AREBA KOALA differs from other examples of the scene like, say, ELFQUEST or CEREBUS, in that it did not spawn fandoms and successful publishing careers, and also in that it frequently makes no sense whatsoever.

Koala and Penguin Love
Koala and Penguin can fall in love

Yeah right, a Penguin buying an inguana for a Koala as a pet? wtf!

If you find Areba Koala amusing, do check out the Stupid Comic website for more of such. From there, I learnt there used to be a successful spin-off romance series published by DC comics about Jimmy Olsen, a troubled teen who is in love with Superman’s girlfriend’s younger sister, Lucy Lane (confusing hor?). Archie Andrew was made to sell lots of products and social messages. Spiderman used to read porno magazines when he was young and confessed this to his aunt and uncle.


Then again, that’s the whole point. 🙂

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