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Singapore Zoo white tiger attack video leaked online

White tiger attack video on youtube
White tiger attack video on youtube

As someone familiar with the Internet age, I knew it was a matter of time before the video recording of the shocking white tiger attack at the Singapore Zoo will eventually find it’s way online. Nonetheless, I was hoping this wouldn’t happen as it is rather disrespectful and insensitive to the dead man’s family and loved ones.

Alas, it still did leak online. Not just that, it spread like wildfire in the span of a few hours. Such is the power of the Internet.

Starting late last evening, the video was first uploaded onto youtube. The video was subsequently ripped and found its way onto many other video hosting sites. While youtube was ethical enough to delete the video, most of the other video hosting sites left it intact. Last I check, it is still available on at least 3 to 4 sites and it is still spreading.

To those who hold ripped copies of the video, I am appealing everyone to stop spreading it and uploading it on other sites lah. Be respectful of the dead.

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  1. Dude, how can you ask people not to post the video when you’ve posted it yourself?

    What kind of hypocritical ass are you?

  2. The blogger did not post the video.. it is just an image which can’t be viewed nor moves wen u click…
    commenter #1, check before you throw harsh words :P~

  3. Sorry but if this guy wants to committ suicide in front of people by tigers,w ell, the video should not be banned.

    His own fault. It wasno accident. he did not slip and fall.

    dumb way to die but successful, props!

  4. How did you know he committed suicide
    How did you know he didnt slipped of fell in the enclosure
    Do you have with you footage of him saying he’s wants to commit suicide
    or a footage of him climbing over the railing

    Only if the media and the zoo can provide a video of him climbing the railing or 10 peoples who heard him say i want to die or i want to commit suicde,so until then it is not suicide

    A friend of mine says the same words on the last day of his work when She resigned from the company,and She is still alive till today,unless She said
    ” GOODBYE, I M NOT GOING TO SEE U AGAIN,I WANT TO KILL MYSELF” now that a different story all together

  5. in the actual full length video that cannot be found on the net as of now, it shows that he was agitating the tigers with a broom then lifting his hands walking towards the tiger. and when began approaching him, he covered his head with a dustbin and the rest is seen. do some research before posting such a stupid comment.

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