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Come Buy Bubble Tea @ Toa Payoh Hub

Come Buy @ Toa Payoh Hub
Come Buy @ Toa Payoh Hub

The Taiwan bubble tea craze is back in Singapore! Another Taiwanese bubble tea chain, Come Buy has entered the market to compete against the current two operators, KOI cafe and Gong Cha.

The name, Come Buy, sounds quite juvenile and generic, but apparently, they are quite a big international player, having outlets in five different countries, selling over 500,000 cups a day.

Their first outlet is conveniently located at Toa Payoh Hub, just a short walking distance from a KOI outlet. It is situated near to the bus interchange and directly opposite Burger King.

Rachel and I were drawn to Come Buy by the lack of queue (for now) and lower pricing (around $1 to 2 lower less than KOI per cup).

We tried their signature Passion Blast and Ultimate QQ Milk Tea. The latter comes with both pearls and chewy jelly strings. They were quite a mouthful to chew and took us a while to finish the drink, tiring our jaws out.

Ultimate QQ Milk Tea
Ultimate QQ Milk Tea

Overall, their tea quality is comparable to KOI and Gong Cha, but Come Buy lose out for the pearl texture which is a little too soggy for our liking.

Like KOI cafe and Gong Cha, Come Buy allows customer to choose the degree of sweetness for their beverages. Their drinks come in two sizes – regular and large.

It is likely that I will still frequent Come Buy again because of their lack of queue and lower pricing though.

For those of you who tried all three bubble tea chains – KOI cafe, Gong Cha and Come Buy, which do you prefer?

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