5 Ways to Sleigh the Christmas Game with #StarbucksEdition - Alvinology

5 Ways to Sleigh the Christmas Game with #StarbucksEdition

You know Christmas season is upon us when you’re hearing about the return of the famed Starbucks Christmas drinks! Walk past any Starbucks outlet during this festive period and you will for sure be enticed by its warm and festive decor, merchandise and Christmas-themed menu. On top of the exclusive Christmas drink creations, the Starbucks® Holiday Red Cups are also here to bring cheer to your Christmas, with four new designs. But that’s not all – read on for all five ways to slay sleigh the 2018 Christmas the Starbucks way!

The Red Cups Are Back, Get ‘Em

5 Ways to Sleigh the Christmas Game with #StarbucksEdition - Alvinology
2018’s iconic Red Cup in various versions: Tumbler, mug, water bottle. From left to right: 12oz: S$34.90, 12oz: S$22.90 and 12oz: S$22.90

Been eyeing on those Starbucks’ red cups every Christmas? Now, get your own red cup! These beauties can be purchased in the form of mugs, tumblers and water bottles. This season’s design sees vibrant and maroon reds complemented by thin streaks of snowy white. These Red Cups are perfect for everyday use.   

Experience The Joy Of Giving

5 Ways to Sleigh the Christmas Game with #StarbucksEdition - Alvinology
“Oh Deer” merchandise from Starbucks. From left to right, 12oz: $24.90, 12oz: $22.90, 9oz: $24.90

With the launch of new merchandise from Starbucks, you can’t sleep on the Christmas-themed Starbucks merch. Visually pleasing and aesthetic, these are perfect as gifts this festive season! Can you spot Santa’s helpers in the beautiful transparent cups? Imagine filling them up with tea or hot cocoa: They might taste even more festive! Giving these gorgeous cups as gifts definitely adds an endearing touch to your thoughtful gestures toward loved ones.    

‘Tis the Season to Catch Up

We think these cakes on the Christmas menu may be too cute for you to eat, but you’ll probably help yourself to them anyway. Dial for your best friend right now and head down to the nearest Starbucks and get your sugar fix while updating each other about your lives. And maybe order an extra, sweet slice. Go on, it tastes as wonderful as it looks. Sorry, Rudolph, but you might lose your cute nose first!   

5 Ways to Sleigh the Christmas Game with #StarbucksEdition - Alvinology
Rudolph’s Honey Cake (left) & Santa’s Belt-vet Cake (right)

Three Cheers for Christmas

5 Ways to Sleigh the Christmas Game with #StarbucksEdition - Alvinology
A cup of magic? Close. It’s an awesome Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. $7.20 (Tall, Hot & Iced)
$7.90 (Tall, Frappuccino)

Buttery and sweet, this Toffee Nut Crunch Latte will melt you into a pool of ecstasy. No one can resist the warmth of a Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. If you think you’ve drank the soul of Christmas, wait till you try the two other festive concoctions. Your tastebuds will be celebrating Christmas with the cool Peppermint Mocha, and sweet Gingerbread Latte will tease you just right with a delicate, spicy flavour. Indulge in them as you please: hot, iced, or as a Frappuccino® Blended Beverage.

Take Christmas Home 

5 Ways to Sleigh the Christmas Game with #StarbucksEdition - Alvinology

Seasonal favourites such as the Christmas Blend and Christmas Blonde Roast will serenade you with spicy and sweet notes, whilst the Christmas Espresso Roast is a complex blend of Latin American, Indonesian and rare aged Sumatra beans, embracing you with caramel sweetness. Bring a pack or two home, share the joy and indulge in a quality coffee brew. These are perfect for gifts for the coffeeholics in your life.

Starbucks merchandise are available at Starbucks outlets across the island.  

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