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Fly by Night 2007 – The School of Eye Power

For those unfamiliar with the Fly-by-Night (FBN) Video Challenge, contestants are given a theme on Friday night at around 8pm. Following that, they have to rush to complete a video for screening within 48 hours. The entries are all screened together on Sunday, and ten top entries will be picked, right after the screening.

The theme this year is “STILL”.

FBN is in its fifth year running now. I must say it’s a great initiative by the two independent organisers, Yuni Hadi and Tan Pin Pin for keeping it going for so long. I got to know many cool filmmaking friends from the competition each year. Actually… I think I am one of the only guy who have joined from the first FBN right to the incumbent one. Shall blog about this in another FBN retrospective entry. 🙂

eye power

Anyway, I joined this year with Leon Kiong, Cheng Ding An and Rachel Chan. We did a spoof instructional video on how to use “eye power”. We did not win, but we did have a lot of fun making the video. Also, we didn’t slog that hard also lah… we had ample sleep and did not burn midnight oil.

We started shooting on Saturday late noon at around 3.30pm and finished editing by around 12 midnight. Total about 9 hours plus to produce the whole thing. 🙂

Leon was the inspiration for the instructional video spoof, Rachel did the narration, I did the graphics, Ding An did the sound FX and editing, DOP/directing/scripting was done collaboratively by all four of us.


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