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Kinkyexorcist and Gwen have a lot to learn from Xiaxue

Kinkyexorcist the sexy dancer
Kinkyexorcist the sexy dancer

I blogged about this interesting lady who posted videos of herself dancing sexily and provocatively on youtube in early June this year. Her name is kinkyexorcist or Azhen (阿珍). In my blog entry, I mentioned she reminded me of a prominent male blogger, Steven Lim, who like to post semi-nude videos of himself dancing.

Well, apparently, kinkyexorcist caught the attention of the mainstream media a few days ago and made it to the headline of the evening tabloid, Shin Min Daily:

Kinkyexorcist on Shin Min Daily
Kinkyexorcist on Shin Min Daily

Following the wide spread media attention, kinkyexorcist decided to delete all the videos from her youtube account and her blogspot blog. This was the same actions taken by Gwen, a teacher who found herself in the media limelight for taking part in a micro bikini competition.

Gwen the sexy primary school teacher
Gwen the sexy primary school teacher

Recently, I been getting a lot of shit from netizens (mostly anonymous cowards) who somehow think this blog is responsible for the plights of individuals like Gwen and kinkyexorcist – that I should not have highlighted them on my blog or post their photos, blog links and other online trails.

At first, I was sympathetic.

Now, looking at the incidents from a wider perspective, I wish to tell these idiots to go fly kites. Seriously.

The Internet is a powerful mass communication tool. Those who have not yet realised this, I am sorry to say this: you are a loser. Period.

Both Gwen and kinkyexorcist were the ones who posted their photos and videos on the Internet for the whole wide world to see. Are you telling me they are this ignorant to not realise what goes on to the Internet is accessible by billions worldwide? Both of them are 32 years old for goodness sake! Even older than yours truly.

In a way, I think I am already a very nice guy. If you noticed, I do not expose details of others beyond what is available from what they post online. I do not make moral judgements about them and in general, my social and political views are more liberal than the average Singaporean. I also do not hide behind a pseudo-name or blog anonymously.

When I reflect on Gwen and kinkyexorcist, they are yet again, living proof of why Xiaxue is still the reigning queen of the SIngapore Internet world – Xiaxue never backs down from what she posts online. You may not like her style, may hate her many flame wars with other bloggers, but you have to admit, this lady has GUTS. She stood strong even when all the arrows were pointed at her, and will stand by her words or actions. It is for this reason why Xiaxue’s blog is still piping hot since it was started in April 2003 (five years ago which is like five decades in Internet time).

For those who want to show off on the Internet – be it in words, photos or videos, some words of advice: Take a leaf from Xiaxue, be prepared to fight and defend yourself when all eyes fall on you. In this way, you garner more respect than the cowardly action of wiping away your entire presence in the online world.

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  1. There’s a possibility that it’s the school and/or the MOE which asked her to wipe away her online presence and to take the passive approach. There’s also a possibility that she was instructed not to give any comments. If u want her to fight and defend herself, u are basically asking her to quit her job as a civil servant first. So things are not as easy as they seem. 🙂

  2. now with the knowledge of hindsight, i don’t think these girls will ever do that again. hahha. But u were wondering why they wiped away their online presences and u felt that they should stand up for their actions. I m just providing u a reason why one of them did what she did POST-EVENT. It’s a knee-jerk reaction possibly instructed by MOE.

    Honestly, if u didn’t even write abt kinkyexorcist, i wouldn’t even know who she is. So even tho u said that WWW is accessible worldwide and everyone can see wat everyone writes/does/uploads on the net, other ppl only know abt them when someone starts writing/commenting/criticising abt the things they do. Everyone’s definition of wat news is, is different.

    But really, I don’t think when they uploaded the pics/vids on the Net, they felt they were newsworthy or would create a public furore cos both did nothing illegal. If they had the foresight that it would be blown up this big, erm i doubt they would have uploaded the vids/pics in the first place.

  3. Alvin, I am not against you, but on this matter, I have something to point out.
    Just because you pass by a Jackfruit tree planted in the open doesn’t mean you can tear down the fruits…

    A blog may be drifting in cyberspace, but it’s others’ online diaries as well. While it is your liberty to tell people of interesting blogs you come by, it cannot be on the basis that ‘Oh, that blog is open in cyberspace, so it must be for everyone…’.

    There is a simple global understanding that cyberspace belongs to no state alone, the blog of others’ belong to none… so this saying is unagreeable since it sounds like you are exercising your liberty on others’ blog.

    I am here trying to find trouble. But whether the girl proceed like Xiaxue or not, it’s not right to jump conclusion on stereotyping, or what path you must be taking. 🙂

    Of course, I am reading your posting not assuming that you are challenging MOE or the government, or jump conclusion that you are just trying to show off your guts or be a blogo-king… LOL~ It applies to you on others as well.

    My 2ctx.


  4. Scope: “Just because you pass by a Jackfruit tree planted in the open doesn’t mean you can tear down the fruits…” – in the incidents above, the jackfruit trees were planted in the open field (public domain). If you don’t want to share, then should have just planted it in your own garden (private blog). 🙂

  5. i totally agree with u alvin that they should have planted their jackfruits in their own garden. but why they decide to upload them in the public domain is cos they really nvr thought they would ever create a moral panic, be considered as a folk devil and be persecuted AND witch-hunted.

    If i knew i am gg to be persecuted, for sure i won’t upload such vids/pics. As i said, it’s easy to write abt a lot of things when u have the knowledge of hindsight.

  6. I guess at the end of the day, if you’re working in sensitive industries, its wise to practise a little self censorship if you don’t wish to get into trouble. If the teacher wants to be in the civil service, and at the same time lament about its limitations, then make a choice to censor and teach, or quit and flaunt?

  7. Hi Alvin!

    The issue is pretty simple. Many online said Jean went to Hong Kong with a John, so why no sex if jean chose to share the room for a package? Is that sharing the same bed means consent to sex?

    The same principle here: Last time, many rapists defended themselves, it was the girl who dresses too ‘little’ signaling sexual arousement in the open. Now just because a girl run naked on the street doesn’t mean she has to ‘share’ anything.

    I think you can understand the jackfruit thing and what I am driving at. 🙂 No offence but yes, many of us can read blogs… have your own opinions on them, but the underlying principle is that the defence of blog happening in open cyberspace and hence must be open to all is not correct.

    In China, blogs are ‘considered’ online homes of persons. Now as persons would be, you welcome well-meant friendly visitors. Just because there is no doors doesn’t mean it says any malicious visits will be ok. I am not saying you are malicious. I know you are also trying to share the materials. What I am saying simple, we cannot impose our own liberty on others’ blogs, but of course, your blog is your personal opinion. Blogging are about personality, and many are ‘fake’/’half real creation.

    From a friendly note here, this is still other people’s diaries and it is unethical and not really correct to assume they are meant to be shared, and meant to be shared to anyone. Hence, they don’t need to use to hide controls.

    You open your door, you don’t need to lock them to complain to police that somebody entered and rob your ‘rights’. 🙂

    Again, I am just trying to explain. I am aware that many Singaporeans share your understanding in this. Yet and again, blogs are international happening, not just some Singaporeans’ monopoly.

    You have your say, your fun, just embrace the world’s differences. Opinions stay as our opinions, of course. But other people’s blog still are their own opinion. The jackfruit tree belongs to the world, not part of the world, and was grown by others… It is very hard for me to justify myself in claiming it was planted in the open, and I can just tear down the fruits.

    What about the rest? What about the poor planter…?

    I am not hostile, don’t worry. I am just sharing my 2cts. 🙂


  8. “If that was the case, then she should not have post those pictures up in the first place. Period.”

    Teacher Gwen indeed has made a grave judgmental error that costs her dearly. She is now fighting for her career. However, what has been done has been done. Now It is simply too much to ask her to defend publicly her past deed. She should best keep a low profile and tie through this difficult period. It is unkind and selfish to ask her to speak out now so that more news and gossips can be generated and she get fired by MOE.

  9. Actually, it’s MOE’s problem. Even someone claimed that it was wrong to reject pop culture. Point is, those teachers are produced by this education system, but media culture is now on the release and even JJC are having their own media opening up and you can see those on youtubes. So, who is firing the principle who organised those limelight shows?

    Have not people know that SIM and NTU or NUS regularly have such events such as beauty contests, and yes… this may includ swimsuits, and yes… media industry may be in the limelight, but it is Proper industry. That civil servant, even by MDA’s opening trend shouldn’t be fired. If MOE is not going to update themselves alongside with MDA’s opening up effort, we’d have a problem in this tiny population. A confusion that is.

    On one hand, we condemn the teachers’ bloggers because (eg) they have affliation with the limelight, n on the other hand, we are promoting media opening up. Why can’t civil servants be part of pop culture, n teach the kids the proper attitude to pop culture?

    Why must teachers be nuns and monks. Of course, if you bare your ne ne pok, that’s too bad… But then, so what you dance sexily online, or if it is just nude art? During teachers’ day concert, teachers at times even ‘relax’ by presenting ‘the other side of themselves’, and how bad has it been?

    I think MOE, and this population, should rethink again. This is no shameless. They are not hardcore, not selling sex, and that’s just personality. If MDA high executives can dance like that for a start, don’t forget, Media is also part of education in social terms… why don’t MOE go and fire at MDA?

    A teacher’s role is mainly to incalcate the right values and impart expertise… that doesn’t mean civil servants are nuns or monks… What kind of thinking is that? When you are teaching, you can still go to pools and show off your figures… Why not? It’s just how many people get to see.

    If Gwen likes swimming and every pool has 100 pair of eyes, she will get 100x12x10=>12000 ‘hits’ for her swimsuits…

    Why? Why can’t teachers appear in swim suits of her choice? Why can’t teacher present herself to the world? This sort of sacrifice is like those women in Iran, you need the veil…

    But even in Iran, many women are ditching the veils.

    Again, my 2 cts.

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