Chinese nationals allegedly beat up taxi driver Desmond Lee, threaten to accuse him of molestation

Another day, another bit of trouble by Chinese nationals.

This incident involves a taxi driver by the name of Desmond Lee, who encountered four alleged Chinese nationals, who may have given him a hard time. According to his post, they had forcibly entered his car, and had extracted him, but when he was out, the two men in the offending group had been chased away and the two women remained.

Take a look at his post:

The post says,

As a taxi driver, I was beaten up by a passenger. I called the police, but what I got was nothing.

I was attacked by four Chinese citizens (2 ladies and 2 men). They opened my taxi door and punched me in the shoulder. I stepped out the door and wanted to call the police but the ladies stopped me and let the men run away. The women wanted to accuse me of molesting them. I ran away to ask for help but one of the women purposely fell and said that I pushed her.

When the police arrived, I told them what had happened but all they said was they couldn’t do anything because the guys that beat me had ran away. They told me that if I were to see those men again I can call the police to arrest. If I want to pursue the matter, I must go to the State court and sue them. What if they are tourist?

They was a security guard that saw the whole incident told the police officer.

Do taxi drivers even have the protection in Singapore when we are being beaten by passengers.

His post details how four Chinese speaking people opened his taxi and punched him. The males in the party then ran awy while the women tried to distract him.

In the video, the women were also trying to speak and accost him while he was on the phone, calling for help. It could be clearly seen in the dashcam video that the woman in the baseball cap raised a hand against Desmond as he was on the phone. He was also hailing for help in the middle of the road.

Naturall, Desmond went to the police for help on this matter, but he said that they were unable to do anything since the suspects had fled the scene. Instead, they allegedly provided him with this form:


According to Desmond, this meant that the case would only be pursued if he filed something, but as he was unable to get these persons’ names or addresses, he would not have any complaint. He expressed a lot fo frustration over this matter, saying that he felt the Singaporean police did not care about this problem that happened to citizen.

He was advised, though, that he could call on the police if he met these people again, and he could pursue a case.

In an updated report, the police have said that they have started their investigation into the matter since a police report was lodged.

Header image from Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook group.


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