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Cherry Blossoms right here in Singapore at Gardens by the Bay!

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Cherry blossoms in bloom right here in tropical Singapore – this unexpected sight is what visitors will get to see at Gardens by the Bay’s latest floral display, “Blossom Beats”.

About half of these sakura trees have started to bloom in this experimental floral display, and blooming is expected to continue over the next one to two weeks. This is the first time that visitors can see such a myriad of cherry blossoms, as well as other blossoms, in the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.

Now, you don’t have to fly all the way to Japan just to experience the cherry blossoms there!


More than 20 varieties of cherry blossoms, or sakura, are showcased in the floral display. Visitors can look forward to seeing cultivars such as the Prunus Fujishidare which has pendulous branches, the Prunus Yedoenis Yoshino which stands out with its striking white flowers, and the Prunus Accolade, with its pale pink blooms.

In addition to cherry blossoms, peach blossoms are in bloom too. One unusual variety on show is the Prunus Genpei Shidare which has flowers of two different colours – red and white – growing on the same plant.

Styled after a traditional Japanese garden, “Blossom Beats” will also feature quintessential Japanese elements such as a tori gate, Japanese screens and kimono.


“Gardens by the Bay is a horticulture-themed attraction that delights its visitors with flowers not commonly seen in Singapore. With this in mind, we decided to bring in a variety of cherry and peach blossoms,” said Felix Loh, Chief Operating Officer of Gardens by the Bay.

“Coupled with the Japanese-styled landscape, we hope ‘Blossom Beats’ will give visitors a truly unique and memorable experience,” he added.

Cherry blossoms are ephemeral in nature, with flowers lasting about one to two weeks. This experimental floral display is expected to run till March 27. Visitors can check Gardens by the Bay’s Facebook page for updates on the blooming.

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