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Singapore Girl, Gwen in Micro Bikini Competition

I guess our society is really getting more liberal in sunny Singapore. I was quite amused to find this Singapore girl called Gwen taking part in a Australian mirco bikini competition (not providing the link to the website as it is NSFW).

This is one of the tamer pictures:

Gwen from Singapore
Gwen from Singapore

NOTE: I black-out her face to avoid getting her into trouble (edited on 24 Oct 2008)

Here’s Gwen’s description about herself on the competition website:

“Hey there Wicked Weasel friends, it’s Gwen here from Sunny Singapore! Whether it’s pushing the limits of just how SMALL I can get my tan lines on a resort holiday in Thailand, or just chilling with friends over a Mojito during a weekend session at my favourite beach bar in Sentosa, Singapore…. there are no prizes for guessing the only legendary label that cuts it in my book! It all began a few years ago, when seeds of your sweet nothings were planted in my head and I was given my first two weasels. What first started out as a tryout dare has become an addiction that will undoubtedly last me the rest of my life! I now have to confess that I’m hard-pressed squeezing my present collection into a single closet drawer…LOL.

Love Gwen”

If you think the bikini above is already challenging the boundary of public modesty, you will be shocked by the other micro bikinis she don in the rest of the photos on the website.

Singaporean girls nowadays are a showy lot ain’t they? Okay, at least for Gwen, she was the one who uploaded these photos herself, unlike the now notorious Sun Tan. 🙂

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  1. Hi Singaporean guys,

    What a sua koo? Just because a lady need to express herself, you guys act more like a monkey.


  2. To Expat: don’t be an idiot. HTF you know she wants to ‘express’?

    Let me enlighten your idiot’s brain that she has removed her Friendster profile pic, which had her donning a white WW top and revealing a pair of dark nipples underneath, as well as closing her blog.

    So where’s the expression, bozo?

    This girl deserves it. If you wanna flaunt it, you’ve got to take the consequence. Too many are the Sg girls who don’t like the consequence, but wan to ‘express’ and be damn rightful and righteous about it.

    Btw, I was the thread starter for one of the most debated thread in Stomp – Talkback: ‘Willing vs Unwilling Exposure’. Perhaps you Alvin got some ‘inspiration’ from actually, yeah? LOL

  3. She holds a master degree in education. It must be quite a sight seeing her suntanning in Sentosa with only an x-small microminimus holyrainbow fishnet g-string bikini. Now she must have gathered enough courage to don this tiniest and holeyest of her g-string collection and participate in the competition.

    I hope people be easy with her. There is nothing seriously wrong in wearing a wickedweasel bikini. She does have the courage of putting up a fashion statement. A very bold one indeed. What is the difference if she is a teacher?

  4. I don’t like the thought of getting someone into trouble. Hence I black-out her face already.

    Please note that I was not the one who drew attention to Shin Min Daily and the journalist did not interview me either. In addition, I did not revealed the URL to the photo gallery, her friendster account or even her blog although I could have.

    This thing kind of blown out of proportion and I feel sorry for Gwen.

  5. hi alvin ,

    thanks for blackening her face, but still .. what is done cannot be undone..
    i think her boss saw the paper.. and she has to go through some interviews with
    regards to her “stunning actions and outside activities”..

    and guys please , she is still a nice lady.. dun say bad things about her can?
    pls remove obscene words like “nipple”
    quote from soul ,<>

    for your info , MOE is investigating on her case., so alvin if u really care abt gwen , please remove her picture totally . MOE investigation officers will definetely visit your website..
    and hunt ALL HER ONLINE traces.

    even though she had closed down all her blogs, friendster and facebook , there were still left overs found in google search engine when u type a certain keyword like her email and her name.. meta-tagging

    i am her personal friend , so i know that YOUR SITE is the LAST STATION That contains her face!

    thanks for being understanding.

  6. The number of times I see her at sentosa, it is always at the quieter part of the beach. She hardly walks or prances around at the beach when i was there and i have never seen her wear holy rainbow at all. Based on the pics I saw that she has submitted to WW, she only wears those when she is overseas, like the pic shown above. I feel sorry for her too.

  7. come on guys, grow up… i think everybody understands there is nothing wrong to wear some sexy bikini for a young lady…

  8. Hi Singapore Guys,
    I hope that lovely Gwen will not get any trouble at her job. If she works as a teacher for the government of your “so clean” country there might be trouble from those moralists! here in Europe our streets may not be as clean as yours but we do not dictate to our women what they should wear! Whether they go panty-less with a micro-skirt on, bra-less with a transparent blouse or wear WW bikinis or even NOTHING on the beach, hardly anybody would raise an eyebrow. i can only hope that more singapore ladies will follow Gwen’s good example and wear the tiniest WWs on the beaches or at the swimming pools
    Serengeti, a WW-lover

  9. <>

    This is weird. Nipple is part of our body AND it is NOT a slang word, unlike pussy or tits or cunt. It IS an anatomical and techinical name. There’s nothing bad or obscene about nipple. It’s probably in your mind that it is dirty or bad. So wake up your own mind and brain first before you throw a comment.

    Like I said, she deserves it as she’s entirely accountable for her own actions. IF she thinks there’s nothing wrong about posting her bikini-pics online, it is for her to defend her actions on her own. Would I condemn or conclude her? No, it is for her to speak for herself.

    Having said that I disagree totally with some of the viewpoints of the commentators here, who expound the theory of”‘what’s so big deal”. The issue here is not about her showing her body. It is about her profession as a teacher AND showing her body. If according to the theory here, can a teacher wear a piece of lingerie and walk into a school and teach? No.

    So if today she posts her pics online which her students can gain free access, would it not distort her image? Would YOU wear underwear, walk around and display your ‘hot bod’ to your seven year-old niece or daughter or son? Perhaps you will, where you’re possessing the exhibitionist trait. However, this is ASIA, not your pathetic West, where tumbling and crumbling down isn’t limit to the financial world but includes the moral and family values as well. This is perhaps why we keep hearing teachers taking up strippers’ jobs after work or having sex with students after class. LOL They certainly hold high the theory you guys are expounding here.

  10. P.S.: btw, I posted her pics first time on Sggals. Twelve pics altogether. As so many of you have asked, “what’s the big deal in posting her pics?”, this probably constitute a no-big-deal act also.

  11. # cheers for Gwen…more girls needs to follow in her footsteps….once there are many girls doin the same thing, this isolated case will not seem so isolated…so come on sg girls….show us ur flat tits……

  12. Where has the evolution of clothes been to? Is it back to the primitive age… Maybe we will just end up like what we put on…. nothing.

  13. > is it back to the primitive age
    Gwen the wicked weasel in loin cloth and navel ring already looked like a zulu woman warrior. Better even if she takes off her bras, put on nipple rings and carry a spear …..

  14. hi alvin ..

    i think its too late.. gwen appeared in TODAYS! NEW PAPER..
    she will get enough publicity and now literally the
    WHOLE SINGAPORE 4.8 million ppl knows abt this incident.

    i am not sure if she get sacked.. from being a teacher but
    even if so , she wont die .. cause she can go and be a model.

    anyway i read your blogs , its pretty cool and interesting !


  15. When you’re a teacher, you’re a teacher 24/7. You wanna post pictures of your hot bod? Go ahead, but make sure your employers can’t identify you(ie, remove your face and/or any distinguishing tattoos). This actually applies to pretty much any job(unless your bosses are super mountain turtles who can’t even check their e-mail without help), but goes double for teachers. Come on, these days, every employer will do a semi-decent background check, but with teachers, they will make sure you don’t have any signs of being a paedophile, that you won’t be forcing your political/religious viewpoints on the kids, etc, so the checking will be even more thorough. I’m sure she is a nice girl, blah blah, but she has no right to complain. Don’t want to be restricted and scrutinised? Don’t be a teacher. Simple as that.

  16. Also featured on wanbao (Friday evening edition). she has been sent for counseling (read brainwashing to unlink all her fun neuron receptors from concept bikini). looks like she will keep her job, but does not look like she will rejoin the micro-bikini competition any time soon.

    could someone gathers all the news clippings about her and makes the scan images available somewhere?

  17. Go to Sggals, select ‘Singaporean’ under the ‘Nationality’ section and ‘Swimsuit’ under the ‘Theme’ section.

    You’ll be able to catch ALL of Gwen’s firm and tight ass, plus her waxed and smooth pussy/ bikini line. Nice.

  18. I hope she is fired. It’s girls like her who brings a bad name to the profession. Already so many parents are thinking civil servants are overpaid and underworked. Now this! Why is it that teachers who adminster corporal punishment, often for the kids’ sake, are fired, while those who act like porn stars in public are let off? If she is allowed to continue teaching, I foresee many more young teachers following her ways. To be liberal and open is one thing, but to me, based on the contents of her blog as well as the pics, she is just downright silly and immoral.

  19. I think everyone in Sg makes a big fuss out of it. Seriously i feel that this is her own private life. As long she differentiate her private life and working life. That’s perfect and ok. Feel that the parents and MOE making it sounds very wrong. What snoobish society.

    Anyway , sicne things have come to this state. Hope that Tina will still carry on leading her own happy private life. Cheers , Tina.

  20. I would very much prefer you not to reveal the name of the school. She is a kind teacher and all her pupils like her. Initially I thought either she had resigned, or intended to leave her profession, since her act was more daring than wearing a bikini to the school. Look at what happened after the pandora box was opened! If her school is known to the public, all her colleagues, pupils would be embarrassed or even harassed. Her school would be remembered by this scandal and future pupils would shun it. She would forever be suffering from her guilt and may be forced to quit her job. Please uphold the basic morality and protect the last bit of privacy she has.

  21. As long as Gwen separates her personal life from her working life, there is really no need to make a mountain out of this mole hill. She has a great body which i am sure attracts a lot of admiration. If she received a lot of complement for her attractiveness and she enjoys capitalising it, let her be – it is her body. If the school were to reprimand here for her activity outside the school, the school would be in the wrong because it is really not their business. I hope the school and MOE would not engage in such socially backward activity to reprimand or threaten her job security needlessly.

  22. Wah. Still got some fellows so free and *ADAMant (obviously, only those with Adam Apples would drop by) to come here and vocie their opinionated opinions, spinkled with their superficial shallowness, talking about the opening of the paradoxical pandora box. Yawnz.

    To those whose brains are still deluded and confused let me use my last ounce of public energy to enlighten all of you shallow idiots.

    What public/ private life? What successful separation? What snobbishness and socially-backward? I prob can srew your backsides (LOL) to tell you that SHE (the attention-seeker + exhibitionistic-craver) WAS the one who signed up for the MOE job. No one forced her to take up. If we all agree to this then we must also uphold the spirit of the contract, meaning there are things you can do AND things you can’t do.

    If your dysfunctional cannot function then perhaps I can draw something easier for you to understand: Ronaldo was drawingbig bucks at MU every week after signing the contract BUT he cried foul and poverty and wanted to break the contract upon the luring of another club. Get it? It’s called ‘honoring the spirit of the contract’. Only matured people do that. Childish people like the ones above me are all f*cking useless retards.

    Then we move on to another issue – public figure vs private life. In every profession there are sacrifices. Unless you are the CEO you prob can walk around naked in your own f*cking bungalow. Still you are subjected to law and anyone caught you doing that you still have to pay the fine. So for Gwen Teng, upon signing on the contract voluntarily she ought to understand the restirctions of being a teacher. If not why don’t you ask your wives to wear low-cut tops to work; they’ll prob be promoted faster than you can even reply me. Understand bozos? So in every job there’s always a line to draw. A teacher is more than just imparting knowledge. So if someone who got two tattoos, one at the front and at the back, who donned g-strings and posted them on international site, comes to teach primary school kids, what f*cking values can she ever impart and instill into the developing kids? I won’t even need to imagine, judging from all her past ‘participations’ of useless competitions. Of course, her ‘supporters’ would be singing a different tune ’cause the only thing they raise would be their cocks which are all-ready to bang her after school.

    My advice to Gwen is this: hey bimbo-wannabe, if you like to expose so damn bloody much, after participating FHM and Hot Stuff Mag, go and become a pole dancer. Then you can jolly well wear G-STRINGS everyday and night and flash them to a whole roomful of horny bastards who yearn to earn your hot bod. Yawnz…

  23. Alvin: Thanks. Some Singaporeans, in fact many, are born idiots. Don’t teach them lessons they still yab-yab-yab like some muther-F*ckers who talk with some holier-than-thou attitude which they think are one, two knots above the us, the so-called ‘snoobish, socially-backward’ crowd.

    Hokkien saying: beh gan beh tua-han.

  24. Soul: Nice. Basically sort of what I said above, expanded upon, with some expletives. XD But yeah, teacher=24/7 job. Some are dedicated enough to even IM the students after school for follow-up lessons(and some for “lessons”, but we hope those are super-rare O_O).

  25. now Gwen is probably known by more people than SG’s prime minister! 😉 She is probably the “most famous SG export! 😉
    cheers to her

  26. This story is just so sad. I just became online friends with her and now this whole mess happened. She is such a nice person and now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to chat with her again. 🙁

  27. Soul: Find that u quite meant to the above statement. I on a neutral stand but feel that you should not sound too bad to both the viewers and to Gwen. I think u went overboard in making your points being heard. Maybe you should rephrase your statements.

  28. fyi she was my teacher in school a few years ago, i will not reveal which school she taught me in, but she’s a really nice lady, no evil/dirty intentions, maybe just a bit carried away some times. stop harassing her already.

  29. Soul, you are the idiot….i know I am reading this a few years later, but seriously….there is nothing wrong with the human body. Children should not grow up ashamed of their bodies, nor others. I doubt very much that she will go to school in her bikini that she wear to the beach on her days off from school. And even if a student did run into her in Sentosa, so what? Perhaps they too would learn that it is not horible or rude and perhaps they will learn some tolereance (of which you are clearly lacking).

    My guess is that you are threatend by women who do not cower to your every demand. You have such low self-esteem that you are afraid that a powerful and/or confident women might threaten your power structure in some way. You lack the confidence in yourself and and let some young women in a bikini threaten your existence. You are the small minded one. You are the one keeping people down, oppressing those who may threaten your power structure. I actually feel sad for you…..sad for your small little world that you live in and how a women in her bikini can be so threatening to everything that you think you are…….so sad

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