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Singapore Girl, Gwen in Micro Bikini Competition

Singapore Girl, Gwen in Micro Bikini Competition

I guess our society is really getting more liberal in sunny Singapore. I was quite amused to find this Singapore girl called Gwen taking part in a Australian mirco bikini competition (not providing the link to the website as it is NSFW).

This is one of the tamer pictures:

Gwen from Singapore

Gwen from Singapore

NOTE: I black-out her face to avoid getting her into trouble (edited on 24 Oct 2008)

Here’s Gwen’s description about herself on the competition website:

“Hey there Wicked Weasel friends, it’s Gwen here from Sunny Singapore! Whether it’s pushing the limits of just how SMALL I can get my tan lines on a resort holiday in Thailand, or just chilling with friends over a Mojito during a weekend session at my favourite beach bar in Sentosa, Singapore…. there are no prizes for guessing the only legendary label that cuts it in my book! It all began a few years ago, when seeds of your sweet nothings were planted in my head and I was given my first two weasels. What first started out as a tryout dare has become an addiction that will undoubtedly last me the rest of my life! I now have to confess that I’m hard-pressed squeezing my present collection into a single closet drawer…LOL.

Love Gwen”

If you think the bikini above is already challenging the boundary of public modesty, you will be shocked by the other micro bikinis she don in the rest of the photos on the website.

Singaporean girls nowadays are a showy lot ain’t they? Okay, at least for Gwen, she was the one who uploaded these photos herself, unlike the now notorious Sun Tan. 🙂

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