Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal - Alvinology

Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal

The allegations that have been published regarding the Eden Ang sex scandal aren’t dying down. Almost every month, more girls come forward to share their stories and screenshots of previous conversations with the Wah! Banana actor.

In a post by Rice Media, a girl who is hiding behind the name of Dawn related a very long story of how Eden was able to get her into his home and perform unwanted acts on her despite her protests.

The report said that she had filed a police report last February 23, 2018.

What happened with Dawn?

According to the post, this is the account she gave to the police of how she became involved with the alleged Eden Ang sex scandal. The report also said that

“This happened in 2015. Back then, I didn’t come out because I didn’t have evidence and I just wanted to forget about whatever happened. Furthermore, I’m also in the media industry and I felt like I would be on the losing end.

I got in touch with Eden Ang because of work. We first spoke via a formal email exchange, where his mobile number was given to me. We proceeded to text. Everything was professional, until one day he texted to ask me over for a movie. The situation felt weird, but I thought nothing about it. I turned him down.

A few days later, he asked me the same thing. I said, ‘I don’t want to watch. Cinema waste money.’ He replied, ‘No, watch at home.’ He spoke in a way that made me think he was interested in dating me, so I thought I would give him a chance. The computer was in his room, so we sat on his bed. Nothing happened that night, it was just awkward. After the movie, he tried to persuade me to stay over, but I said no and went home.

The second time we hung out at his house, he made boyfriend-type of advances, even though we were never officially together. He tried to touch me by trying to hug me.

As our arrangement progressed on subsequently, there were times when I continued going to his house supposedly to talk about work. But I remember whenever I went over, there was never any work done. He would always try to touch me instead.

On one occasion, he pulled me over and suddenly reached up to my skirt to touch me. He said he was horny and he believed that girls want it. Of course I resisted and said no. After that, he kind of used force to try to persuade me. When I rejected him, he would show a ‘black’ face and  ignore me.

The third time I went to his house, he touched my buttocks and vagina and tried to get me aroused. He grabbed my buttocks first. This was followed with him reaching his hand past my panties to my vagina. I pushed his hand away and tried to stop him, but he ignored me and persisted.

I told him very honestly that I’ve never done this before, even with a guy I date. He told me not to bluff, and that he was sure all girls want it. Deep inside I knew he wanted to have sex. I felt it was wrong, but I also didn’t know whether I was too conservative or sensitive. He told me I needed to open up.

When I didn’t let him do it, he got angry. He said, ‘Girls that are not obedient need to be punished.’ He told me to go to the bathroom and take off my clothes. I asked him what for, because in my head, I knew it was wrong. I just didn’t know how to reject him. So I removed my clothes, leaving only my bra and panties on. He insisted I remove my undergarments, and I eventually gave in.

Eden then took out his mobile phone. He said, ‘I just want to take photo. Because you don’t let me do it, so whenever I just want to feel high, I’ll look at your picture. If you don’t let me do some more, I go look for other girls.’ I kept telling him not to take my pictures, but he got very fierce and I felt lost and confused. All I could do was stand to one side of the door. Now he has my pictures in his phone. After he finished, I got dressed and sat in the bedroom not talking to him. Shortly after, I said I wanted to go home and left.”

“After that day, he would send me pictures of black people’s dicks. He said, ‘I tell you my dick is bigger than these people’s dick, you believe? Are you horny now when I send you all these things?’

He keeps thinking all girls want sex, even when we say we don’t want. He kept forcing me to say his dick is bigger, and in the end I went, ‘Ya, ya, ya’.

He also asked if I owned a G-string. When I said I didn’t, he said he’d take me to buy one so I could wear it for him. He also never wanted me to wear bra and panties when I was out with him.

A few days after he took pictures of me without my consent, he contacted me to explain his actions, telling me that he will make things up to me. He also wanted me to hang out with him at his house soon. Again, I relented.

This was an evening when I went to his house for ‘work’. He brought me to his bedroom again and started fingering me. He pushed me to the bed and said, ‘I know you want it, I know you want it.’ I said, ‘Don’t want la, don’t want la.’ Everything happened so quickly, I was in pain. I told him honestly that I was a virgin. He replied, ‘It’s okay, let me teach you how to do it, let the master teach you. You must try; if you never try, you won’t know how good it is.’

He kept fingering, me even though I tried to stop him. And then he penetrated me with his penis after that. There was sexual intercourse, but no it wasn’t consensual. I pushed him off and kept saying no. But he just kept going, did not stop, and carried on penetrating me. He repeated, ‘You have to go on; if you don’t go on, it’ll be more painful.’ While doing this, he removed my clothes.

Then he said that he was going to ejaculate on my tummy. I wasn’t sure what he was saying, but I remember seeing him remove his condom and ejaculating on my tummy. He then asked me to wash up because it was ‘dirty’, and not to allow the semen to drip. I went to the toilet to wash up and got dressed. After we were done, I left the house.”

“After I got home, he texted to ask how the experience felt. I told him it was quite painful. In fact, it was pain for a few days. He said that pain is normal and I must do it a few times then it won’t be painful.

A few days after we had sex, Eden asked me to go over to his house, which I agreed. Upon arriving, Eden took me over to his bedroom to try and get me horny. He said, ‘After your first time, do you want it again? You want to do it again, I’m sure you want it right? Feels good right?’ He said all this while fingering me. Since I was still feeling the pain, there was no penetration this time. He got angry and we got into an argument over this issue. He said, ‘If you leave the house, don’t come back again.’ I left the house.

After that incident, things became ugly because I started to give in less. I also started opposing him a lot. Then one day with my good friend, who is mutual friends with Eden, I asked her what she thought about him. She told me to stay away and PM-ed me screenshots of other women’s chat history with Eden. The content was the same: asking them to go over for a movie, and so on.

I felt very angry, and asked to meet him. Then I confronted him with those screenshots. He argued that those girls are ‘just friends’, and said I’m sensitive. I told him I wanted to stop everything, and left his house. He ran to the door and grabbed me, and said, ‘You better don’t tell anybody about what happened between us.’ Then he forced me to delete all his messages in front of him. I got angry and did it. I told him to delete my photos on his phone too, but he said, ‘I don’t want to delete. Why should I delete? This is my phone.’

There was a huge argument and I stormed off. We never spoke again. Till today, I don’t know whether he still has my pictures.”

According to the post above, Eden was allegedly eventually able to force Dawn into bed and have his way with her. In the end, he was also able to get her to delete photos of their conversations, but said that he kept his photos of her.

Another account of alleged sexual harassment

Aside from Dawn’s account, Rice Media also said another girl under the name Sheryl allegedly experienced sexual harassment when Eden asked her to do a photo shoot with him.

In the screen shots below, you can see an account called Eden speaking to Sheryl. The calls himself “kor” and  her, “Mei” at some point. He also asked her to wear a G-string.

Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal - Alvinology
photo from Rice Media

“VPL” may stand for “visible panty line.”

Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal - Alvinology
photo from Rice Media

The account mentions a G-string as “G” and calls the person “Mei.”

Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal - Alvinology
photo from Rice Media

The “Eden” account also tries to assuage “Mei” and her fears for the shoot, mentioning that he had previously done the same for a girl and used an embrace to calm her.

In more screenshots of conversations with an account named “Eden,” you can see that he had asked the person to come and perform sex acts with him. He also mentioned that his girlfriend is not able to satisfy him.

Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal - Alvinology
photo from Rice Media

In a chat log that may have been copied and pasted, he continued to talk to Sheryl about photos, saying that someone wanted to take photos of her at some point. She had then refused to do any more shoots, while the account that was named “Eden Ang” said that it was good she only trusted him.

Once again, the account mentions the G-string.

Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal - Alvinology
photo from Rice Media
Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal - Alvinology
photo from Rice Media
Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal - Alvinology
photo from Rice Media
Another police report filed, more girls come forward in the Eden Ang sex scandal - Alvinology
photo from Rice Media

Where it all started

The whole issue stemmed from a post by cosplayer Kuroe Kun. In the post she told the story of how one of her friends who was involved professionally with Eden was allegedly harassed into wearing a G-string and touched inappropriately.

Read Kuroe Kun’s first post.

The friend in question was Eden’s personal assistant, Lilith, who was also a makeup artist, cosplayer, and influencer. She posted later on on her Instagram account that she has since filed a report with the police.

Who is Lilith? Read about her here.

Later on, a former National Gymnast named Nicolette Lim came forward with her own account of Eden’s alleged sexual misconduct. According to Nicolette, this happened in 2015, when she was 18 years old.

Read about Nicolette Lim here.

This was also followed by a story by Melissa Yeo, who recounted what one of her friends experienced with Eden, as well as some screenshots of how he spoke to her in an allegedly blatant sexual manner.

What did Melissa Yeo say about Eden?

What do you think of these new accounts involved in the Eden Ang sexual harassment allegations?

Let us know in the comments!

Photos from Rice Media.


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