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Tampopo Ramen

Tampopo Ramen

Tampopo. It used to be a family restaurant situated at the basement, and Rachel and I were disappointed to find a tiny deli instead of a restaurant when we went to Liang Court to catch Kinokuniya‘s 20 per cent sale two months ago. By the time we’d discovered Tampopo on the ground floor, housed inside the unit which used to be Swensen’s, our bellies had been stuffed with deli food.

We vowed to return. On the day Karen Cheng went to [email protected] City we decided to have lunch here. For those interested, the new address is 177 River Valley Road, #B1-50, Liang Court Shopping Centre.

The ramen was taking a tad long to arrive and Rachel was ravenous, so we started with dessert first. This is a green tea red bean cream cake, if my memory doesn’t fail me.

It was so yummy Rachel licked clean the clear plastic sheet wrapping the slice of cake. (Yucks!)

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Good thing the ramen arrived, or else she’d have eaten the aluminium foil. Rachel ordered Kyushu ramen with kurobuta pork. I think. The thick soup was so thick that it was almost like milk. Very tasty. According to the info on the menu, the pork bones are boiled for 30 hours to make stock. Someone who knows this please correct me if I am wrong.

I ordered something more conventional. Hokkaido ramen with kurobuta. The stock is different from the Kyushu stock. Slightly piquant. But the Kyushu noodles are more springy.

All in all, it was a good meal. 🙂

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  1. ting

    Black pig ramen!!! I love it too! =D The haato ice cream @ liang court is also quite nice!

  2. fishaball

    Chanced upon your blog when googling for Tampopo. Interesting posts. I like your writing.
    So, Tampopo is worth a try?

  3. alvinology

    Hi fishaball, thanks for popping by. 🙂 I find Tampopo good – you may want to give it a try.



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