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Doing the Karen Cheng in Singapore

Do the Karen Cheng

I attended the “Doing the Karen Cheng in Singapore” event last Saturday with Rachel, at Indochine’s Forbidden City. It is a simple fund-raising event hosted by popular Australian blogger, Karen Cheng and her husband, Andrew to raise funds for the Singapore Red Cross.

The public is invited to grace the event to “do the Karen Cheng” together with Karen Cheng herself. By “doing the Karen Cheng”, it means posing in front of a mirror and taking a self portrait of yourself with a digital camera, a pose popularised by Karen Cheng on her blog.

I bumped into Kenny Sia and a bunch of friendly Nuffnang bloggers at the event which attracted a respectable turnout for a spontaneous web viral campaign with no much mainstream media publicity.

Actually, as mentioned in a previous blog entry, this was what inspired me with the idea of “Doing the David Gan”, as a tribute to one of Singapore’s leading style guru, David Gan. 🙂

Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Doing the Karen Cheng

Take 1 of Rachel doing the Karen Cheng with Karen Cheng

Doing the Karen Cheng

Take 2 of Rachel doing the Karen Cheng with Karen Cheng

girl group

Group of pals doing the Karen Cheng


A family doing the Karen Cheng



Karen and Michael

Karen Cheng with her loving husband, Andrew

good crowd

Spontaneous crowd

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