If you missed Malaysia’s best-selling comedy hit Laugh Die You – The Karaoke which was showing at the Resorts World Theatre in Resorts World Sentosa on 9 and 10 July, you missed an awful lot of taboo jokes.

You missed one of Singapore’s top comic talents, Gurmit Singh, playing the role of a new comic character, Hero Singh. You missed him talking in crude languages, different from his usual sanitised persona for television.

You also missed the angry delivery of many taboo jokes on race, sex and religion by upcoming local comedian, Fuzz. Yes, this is the same Fuzz who recently offended the current Malaysian Prime Minister. He continued to send insults across the Causeway on the live show.

Then, there is Joanne Kam from Penang, Malaysia. She delivered a series of R-rated jokes poking fun of everything sexual from the human anatomies to Tinder dating.

Last but not least, you missed Singapore’s fringe comic legend, Kumar. I say fringe because as a self-professed “Ah Kua (drag queen)”, Kumar cannot really be in the mainstream on Singapore’s conservative media, appearing as who he/she really is. Kumar delivered the best performance of the night, with perfect comic timing and excellent rapport with the live audience.

All in all, it was a wonderfully entertaining show to the delight of the audience. My only complain is that some of the jokes were recycled from previous shows.

Be sure to catch Laugh Die You next time they are here in Singapore!

If you are a cheapskate waiting for someone to upload free videos of the comedy performances online, Gurmit Singh has this to say to you (which he did at the show): “Eat shit and die!” 

On a serious note, go watch it live for best effects!