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kinkyexorcist: Female version of Steven Lim?


(picture via kinkyexorcist’s blog)

Her name is Azhen (阿珍) and she lives in Sengkang. Her email is [email protected] – you can contact her if you are interested to know her (I got all these information from her public blog).

I shall just embed three of her videos here to share. To see more, you can visit her youtube page. 🙂 Quite courageous lah, uploading these really candid videos of herself onto the Internet for the world to see.

However, I don’t know why she reminds me of our dear friend, Steven Dragon Lim lei. What do you think? Her video nice or not?

[youtube url=”″]

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  1. O_O


    later her “DEAR” come after you with a parang ah!


    she is actually… worse than Mr. Lim. -_-

    then again, it could be her new found confidence after a weight-loss program.

    *grabs neck and frothes at mouth*

    i’m sure i can sing better, i’m sure i can have more guts. but i know what is sia suay and stay away from that area.


  2. Her dear is a big ah beng?

    I never say anything negative about her… don’t come beat me up! If you read my previous entries on Steven Lim, I also don’t write bad stuff about him except that he’s very entertaining. 😉 Same for kinkyexorcist.

  3. doesn’t take an ah beng to know how to wield a cleaver! haha!

    they are not entertaining in the “right” way, if there was one in the first place that it. by the way, how did you manage to land yourself at her blog?!

    you must have been googling for “kinky” stuff. tsk.

  4. Saw her blardy face before..her so called bf walks infront and she walks behind…. somemore her BF drives a red picanto…Sucks it..worse den S.Lim!!!

  5. What la!!! Your links are not reliable! What the @#$%^! Next time if you want to blog about someone – link up properly!

  6. TME: All the links were working when the blog entry was first written. Check the date you stupid slow-poke mountain turtle! Obviously, she deleted her blog lah. Use your brain can or not? Dumbass.

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