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Steven “Dragon” Lim

Steven Dragon Lim

Steven Lim – now also known as “Dragon”, is looking for a girlfriend. Any takers? 🙂

In his own words:

Looking for a girlfriend, no matter you are black, white or orange. As long you r pretty, nice, faithful n gorgeous & gorgeous. Dun hesitate to adopt me. Application to be my girlfriend/stead now open! Whilst stock last! Call/ sms +(65)93857300 to apply now. Tell all your friends about it!

This chap is really damn hilarious! Absolutely love him for keeping us constantly entertained. He even added his own “catch phrase” – “Nothing is impossible, Impossible is nothing!” on his website, which is obviously plargarised from Adidas!

Here’s another hilarious quote from this wonderful man:

Dun no where Xia Xue got the info that I was paid only $20 for the Girls out Loud match making TV thingy with her… I was in fact paid $50 just to pretend to be her admirer for a while…

Wow! It’s a $30 difference! Such a huge amount to hire him to appear on TV!

Steven Lim rocks!~

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  1. Whenever I see this guy or read anything he writes I can’t help but cringe, laugh and vomit at the same time. Makes my stomach and facial muscles very confused.

    The self-invented verb to use in this case is “craughomitting”.

    Steven Lim, you make me craughomit.

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