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Terror Suspect Eludes Posse of 4 Million

Where’s Mas Selamat Kastari????

He escaped from the Internal Security Department’s Whitley Road Dentention Centre on 27 February 2008. Today is day 18 since then, and the guy is still on the run.

I see his face plastered on walls, pillars, billboards, toilet doors, practically anywhere and everywhere in Singapore. Yet no news of his arrest.

Thus far, there’s only one seemingly reliable account of Mas Selamat sighting – a female lecturer claimed to have seen him on 27 February at Thomson Road area, looking disheveled and begging for money from another lady.

mas selamat kastari posters
Picture taken from NYT

When I found out that even my favourite foreign newspaper, the New York Times carried a story on Mas Selamat Kastari, my heart sank. Singapore is in the international media limelight for the wrong reason this time.

Click here to read the article from NYT.

Four million pairs of eyes, and we cannot catch one limping fugitive. This guy is really putting us in a very bad light. Seriously, please stay vigilant and call 999 if you see Mas Selamat.

Latest updates from omy.sg:

“跛脚马”当过技师 小心他偷车

少年义工夜夜 骑铁马猎“马”

寿板店老板 悬赏8888元捉马


疑出现跛脚汉 警方搜索圣乔治巷组屋

海上29个地点搜寻 滴水不漏

男子看警员就跑 兀兰路4小时地毯式搜寻

今早武吉知马 300军警入山搜寻

警方接获600通电话和170封电邮 目前尚未有重要线索




马士沙拉末逃脱后 回祈团8大寇 仅剩诺丁能施援


关卡捉”马”大塞车 来临周末怎么办?

黄根成:拘留所建筑有漏洞 已弥补并加强保安




尽管“跛脚马”可能藏身丛林 居民如常到天然保护区活动

退休法官受委成立独立调查委员会 彻查马士沙拉末逃脱事


警发550万手机通缉简讯 全民动员捉跛脚马

“跛脚马”当过技师 小心他偷车


全村人叫他“平安” 如今使大家不安

国际刑警发出橙色警戒 协助追捕行动

恐怖头目可能易容 掩人耳目



恐怖头目印尼越狱3度潜逃 两度用假名避过通缉

男子谎称是马士沙拉末 被警方逮捕



攀屋顶逃脱 阿婆散步惊见黑影


拘留中心戒备森严 逃得掉留疑团

回祈团头目借上厕所逃跑 黄根成:保安上的疏失导致

回祈团头目逃亡21小时 搜索还在进行

回教祈祷团成员Mas Selamat bin Kastari 今天下午从惠德里路拘留中心逃走

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