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Confession of a Terrorist

I cannot believe someone actually made a spoof video of Mas Selamat Katsari on youtube.

If you want to criticise this video or flame the person responsible for creating this, please go HERE. Don’t flame me hor, I did not make the video.

BTW, anyone know what software or web service was used to created this talking photo effect? Drop me a message.

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恐怖头目可能易容 掩人耳目



恐怖头目印尼越狱3度潜逃 两度用假名避过通缉

男子谎称是马士沙拉末 被警方逮捕



攀屋顶逃脱 阿婆散步惊见黑影


拘留中心戒备森严 逃得掉留疑团

回祈团头目借上厕所逃跑 黄根成:保安上的疏失导致

回祈团头目逃亡21小时 搜索还在进行

回教祈祷团成员Mas Selamat bin Kastari 今天下午从惠德里路拘留中心逃走

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