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Why did Miss China win?

Miss China Zhang ZilinPR photo from Miss World website
Picture from AP (R); Zhang Zilin’s PR photo from Miss World website (L)

Miss Zhang Zilin (张梓琳), native of Hebei Province, China, has won this year’s Miss World crown. Why do you think she’s won?

Flatchested Miss China
Picture from AFP

This year’s Miss World 2007 beauty pageant was held at the beauty crown cultural center in Sanya, Hainan, China, Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007. Do you think it was because she stood at advantage on home soil?

Check out runner-up Micaela Reis of Angola (L) and second runner-up Carolina Moran Gordillo of Mexico. Third World countries may not have the highest GDPs, but boy they have beauties. Check out Miss Angola’s boobs!

On the other hand, Miss China has almost none.

No boobs

Why would the judges favour a flatchested girl?

She is very tall though. Standing at 1.83m, Miss China dwarves even the other contestants.

Speaking of which, here are some of the other finalists:

The other Miss World contenders
Picture from AFP

“Miss World contestants from left, Jennifer Guevara Campos of Puerto Rico, Vivian Charlott Burkhardt of Grenada, Christine Reiler of Austria and Deborah Priya of Malaysia applaud after they nominated into top 16 semi-finalist during the Miss World 2007 beauty pageant. -AFP”

And here’s our Miss Singapore. Sigh. Poor thing. I’m sure she’s a cutie that guys at the gym or the bar would make a beeline to chat up, but she ain’t ever going to win.

Miss Singapore Roshni Kaur Soin
Miss Singapore Roshni Kaur Soin

And here are the Miss World champions from years 2006 and 2004.

Miss World 2006Miss World 2004
Miss World 2006, from Czech Republic (R); Miss World 2004, from Peru (L)

It’s often the Aryan (blonde hair, blue/green eyes) look or the exotic Latina look that has won over judges. But why Miss China this year? Could it be because –

Beijing Olympics 2008
Beijing Olympics 2008!

China’s a rising superpower and will crush your country if you don’t let their baby girl win?

For the past 57 years, China has not even come close to championship at a global pageant such as this. Could it be a sign of World Domination? First Miss World, then the Universe.

Remember the days (those were also the days we believed no Singaporean would ever make it to the stardom in the pop music scene) when we would watch a pageant like Miss World and sigh, “We Asians are not tall enough,” or “Look at those cans on Miss Georgia, she’s a shoo-in,” or “That Latina has gorgeous eyes!”

But this Zhang Zilin girl seems to glow. Beside her, everybody else looks pudgy, listless and insecure.

Beach babe

Before the pageant, this Beijing Technological University graduate was a secretary and part-time model. She has catwalked with supermodels on designer fashion shows and had a part to play in the very high-profile Fendi show at Beijing’s Great Wall this year in October.

Fame has its price though. Her contract with her agency has it in black-and-white that she’s not allowed to get attached, and that she must handover every cent she earns from modelling (and I’m guessing the prize money from the pageants as well) for them to manage. (Now you understand why she has two jobs.)

In an interview after the contest, she said that she will brush up on her English and start on her (token) Miss World visits to parts of the Caribbean, Europe and South Africa. With the Beijing Olympics coming up and China in the centre of attention for all the right and wrong reasons, I don’t think she’s going to be forgotten as soon as the other Miss World champions.

A beautiful walking propaganda machine. How convenient, China.

Why do you think she’s won?

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  1. She’s very very pretty. That’s why she won! 🙂
    Also tall… i think shes like one of the veryveryvery few girls thats 183cm….
    Chinese girls dominate the world now! Bye blonde & latina girls!

  2. she won because 1) she’s hot, and 2) for the same reason why the U.S. used to win everything, because people become more hot if their countries are hot, and they are picked on if their countries are weak, which is why I hate ethnic Chinese that put down other Chinese people- something I see way too much of.

  3. For many years latina and european looking girls were winning the competition. Time for a difference had come. They have chosen some black people in past, now time came for asians too, to feel themselves a little beautiful. Although I am Asian, I still believe that only european and latina girls are hot and beautiful. Asians may be pretty but never gorgeous enough.


  4. The aryan look? wotz that? huh? Aryan is a sanskrit term meaning “spiritually noble” . Don’t misuse it, the way hitler did…Grrr!
    The chinese gal is pretty, that’s why she won – just bcos you have big boobs doesn’t mean a goddamn thing!

  5. I think she’s extremely pretty, much prettier than the girls around her. BUT I also think it’s a huge coincidence that China – which rarely places that high – outright won the competition the one time it was held there. I smell a small rat, but hell, it’s just a beauty pageant.

  6. Reply to Run:
    You better check your facts before you assume things. The competition was held there THREE more times before it was held again in 2007.

    and I think she’s extremely beautiful too. and I definitely think she outshines Angola and Mexico in that one picture.

  7. there’s more to a girl than boobs and a pretty face
    and beauty pageants are not just for that; you need have brians too – and asians girls have much of that
    just go to any ivy league school and it manifests itself quitee well

  8. She’s gorgeous, thats why she won. You can’t honestly say she isn’t! So what if her body isn’t that good? She has a nice face.

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