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Who is Ho Ching?

Ho Ching
Picture taken from Forbes.com

Actually if you don’t know who she is… you are probably not a Singaporean or someone extremely dense and ill-informed about current affairs.

I am mentioning her because Ho Ching has recently been crowned the #3 most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine. Another crowning glory for Singapore in our bid to be world best in everything.

The description on Forbes.com reads:

Although she is the wife of the prime minister of Singapore and chief executive of the country’s state-owned investment company, Ho Ching is rarely seen or heard from. But increasingly she is a force to be reckoned with, as her dealmaking ambitions span the globe. Ho Ching has been credited with converting Temasek from a Singapore-focused firm to a leading investor in Asia, making investments in Indian and Chinese companies, primarily in the telecom and banking sectors. Thanks to Ho Ching’s dealmaking, the net value of Temasek’s portfolio grew 27% to $108 billion from $80 billion the previous year.

Now that even Forbes has confirmed her prowess, shouldn’t we be giving her due recognition?

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