The National Family Week needs an Ambassador

The National Family Week (NFW) is organised by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS):

“NFW is an annual event that celebrates and reinforces the importance of families and family life. NFW 07 is organised by the National Family Council. It runs from 26 May to 3 June 2007, with celebrations extending till 30 June 2007…”

To find out more, click HERE. Below is a promotional poster on the event:

Spend more time with your family!

When I saw this poster – the immediate thought I had was that the National Family Week (NFW) needs an ambassador.


Well… the most hardworking old man in Singapore lah!

The old, wise one who works so hard that he is still keenly looking over his son’s shoulder even though he had supposedly handed over all his work duties to his eager-eyed son. The old one who seems very likely to be working till his death bed.

Gosh! He really needs his well-deserved break!

Anyone can guess who he is? 🙂

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