Cosford Container Park: Changi Welcomes Singapore’s Largest Outdoor F&B Experience - Alvinology

Cosford Container Park: Changi Welcomes Singapore’s Largest Outdoor F&B Experience

Singapore’s culinary landscape is about to get a whole lot more exciting as Cosford Container Park, the city-state’s largest outdoor F&B container park, is ready to open its doors on January 29, 2024. Situated in the heart of Changi at 30 Cosford Road, this expansive 35,000 square feet space offers over 340 seats for both indoor and outdoor dining, promising a unique and vibrant experience for visitors of all ages.

Cosford Container Park: Changi Welcomes Singapore’s Largest Outdoor F&B Experience - Alvinology

Developed by Tee Tree Investments Pte Ltd, Cosford Container Park redefines the traditional dining experience by transforming a conventional food spot into a dynamic one-stop container park. This exciting venture goes beyond just offering delicious food – it brings together colorful spaces, entertainment, and a lively festive vibe throughout the year.

Gastronomic Delights Beyond Ordinary

Cosford Container Park is a gastronomic adventure featuring over 13 vendors with diverse offerings. Michelin-starred Chef Manjunath Mural presents Hello Butter Chicken, bringing the vibrant flavors of India to life. Cluny & LUK’ERS offers sumptuous local-style breakfast and transforms into a lively bar in the evening, serving a variety of refreshing cocktails, beers, and more.

Other F&B offerings include the beloved Boon Tat Street Seafood, The Singapore Blue Lobster, Let’s BBQ Club, and The Slice House, each contributing distinct menus ranging from freshly grilled seafood to mouthwatering wood-smoked meats.

Embark on a culinary journey around the world at Cosford Container Park. Indulge in the crispy goodness of Korean fried chicken at Eat That Chicken, savor hearty Japanese cuisine at Ishiro, and experience authentic Thai delights at Streets of Bangkok.

Travel down memory lane with Creamy Duck, a cherished establishment among tertiary students, now offering nostalgic treats like freshly-made waffles paired with favorite ice cream flavors. Don’t miss exclusive offerings like Cookie in a Pan, milkshakes, and handcrafted artisanal tarts from Tarts Man.

Cosford Container Park also features a rooftop bar, School of Cambridge, offering panoramic views of Changi Airport along with a refreshing array of cocktails and mocktails. Enjoy diverse food choices while immersing yourself in a lively atmosphere and breathtaking scenery.

Entertainment, Play, and Community Spaces

Beyond its culinary offerings, Cosford Container Park is a one-stop destination for relaxation and enjoyment. Freely accessible community spaces allow visitors to wander around, admire unparalleled views of Changi Airport’s landing strip, and explore Instagram-worthy zones.

Experience a blast at Cosford Container Park with a variety of games at JJ Games, live performances, sports broadcasts, and more. Enjoy delectable food and drinks against the backdrop of Changi Airport’s runways. Additionally, a free daily shuttle service from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm is available, taking visitors from Upper Changi Road North right to the park.

Discover the newest hotspot in the east beyond just food – Cosford Container Park offers something to enjoy all year long for youth, families, and couples alike.

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