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Singtel unveils new 5G Mobile Plans best value for every need and budget

Singtel launches new mobile plans that promise customers an unprecedented array of benefits, ranging from substantial phone discounts to enhanced security features.

Singtel’s latest mobile plans are designed to offer customers exceptional value, going beyond mere connectivity to deliver a comprehensive package that caters to diverse needs. With potential savings ranging from S$120 to over S$700, these plans are set to transform the way consumers experience mobile technology.

Seamless Phone Upgrades and Loyalty Vouchers

Say goodbye to outdated devices! Singtel’s new plans include generous phone subsidies and loyalty vouchers, enabling customers to effortlessly upgrade their phones and stay ahead of the latest mobile technologies.

Embark on Worldwide Roaming Adventures

As international travel for both leisure and work stages a comeback, Singtel’s plans provide a seamless experience for frequent travelers. Choose from plans offering free data roaming across 81 destinations worldwide, including popular destinations like Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Stay connected without the worry of hefty roaming charges.

Data, Data, and More Data

Recognizing the growing data consumption on its network, known for offering the world’s premier 5G coverage experience, Singtel’s plans come with expansive data bundles starting from 30GB per month. Stay connected, stream seamlessly, and engage with content without any limitations.

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind

In an age where online threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, Singtel’s plans include McAfee mobile security, providing customers with advanced protection against threats such as malware and scams. Rest easy knowing that your mobile device is shielded from potential cyber risks.

Tailored Plans for Every Lifestyle

Singtel understands that consumers have diverse preferences and budgets. Hence, the new plans are thoughtfully curated to cater to various needs. With options like XS, S, M, and L plans, priced from S$62 to S$128 per month, consumers can choose the plan that perfectly aligns with their lifestyle and requirements. For those seeking even more data and shareable offerings, Singtel’s PRO and FAMILY plans, priced at S$178 and S$288 per month respectively, provide additional options.

* Loyalty vouchers for S to PRO plans are issued every 21 months. Vouchers for the FAMILY plan are issued every 12 months.

Singtel unveils new 5G Mobile Plans best value for every need and budget - Alvinology

# Fair usage policy applies.

Unleash the Potential with Customization

Singtel’s new plans don’t stop at connectivity and security. These plans can be further tailored with added benefits and rewards by bundling more devices, services, and apps. Customize your plan to maximize your mobile experience and enjoy a seamless blend of connectivity, convenience, and value.

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