Explore Japan for FREE fully sponsored by Japan National Tourism Organization! Here’s how – - Alvinology

Explore Japan for FREE fully sponsored by Japan National Tourism Organization! Here’s how –

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Singapore Office announces three fully sponsored, monitored tours at some of Japan’s major destinations and hidden gems. Sponsored by JAPAN by Japan (JbyJ), JNTO Singapore Office’s official community website for all lovers of Japan in Singapore, the trip presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who wish to celebrate loved ones in magnificent Japan.

The itinerary for the tours will be collectively designed by participants and representatives from JbyJ to ensure a fulfilling and purposeful collaboration between the two. The overall theme of the trip is to celebrate a loved one’s birthday in Japan, and you get to create an itinerary for yourself based on this theme. All expenses inclusive of air tickets, accommodation, transport, and food & beverage as decided to be part of the itinerary will be sponsored by JbyJ.

Explore Japan for FREE fully sponsored by Japan National Tourism Organization! Here’s how – - Alvinology

From the hidden reaches of eastern Hokkaido to the deeply cultural and natural wonders of Hiroshima and San’in – there is always more for the avid Singapore traveller to discover in Japan. With this in mind, three trusted and seasoned partners of JNTO Singapore Office, Hokkaido Airports Co. Ltd, Hiroshima Tourism Association and San’in Tourism Organization are not only offering sponsorship and support but have also actively joined the initiative to bring these tours of Japan to life with an authenticity that could only be delivered by local experts. 


The first tour, designed for a family of up to four (with up to 2 children of age 11 and above), will be held from 3 to 8 September 2023 – right in the middle of Singapore school holidays, a classic time for Singapore families to enjoy a trip together. Taking place on this iconic northern island, an idyllic destination for families, participants can immerse themselves in the vibrant and lush surroundings offered by this natural paradise.

You will visit highly recommended locations such as Kushiro, Furano, Sapporo and Chitose. Whether it be a dynamic outdoor experience or an exploration of the region’s rich cultural cuisine, Hokkaido is a dream destination for families looking to celebrate their loved ones.

Hiroshima and San’in

Later this year in November, a second tour will be organised for a lucky couple to explore the historic valley of Hiroshima and San’in (comprising Shimane and Tottori). Enjoy intimate activities such as creating unique rings at Izumo – one of Japan’s most sacred spots – to soak in the scenery of the picturesque Seto Inland Sea. Other locations featured in the tour include Iwami-Ginzan, Onomichi and Fukuyama.

With more details to be revealed in due time, this tour of the southwest is the perfect gateway for couples looking to steep themselves in the deep cultural roots of historical Japan – making an unforgettable celebratory trip for two. 

Who Can Participate?

Currently, this experience is only open to those residing in Singapore and in each participating group it is required to have at least one Singapore Citizen (SC). Participants and their companion(s) must also be agreeable to have their pictures and videos taken by the accompanying JbyJ staff throughout the trip. These photographs and videos will be used for various purposes, such as in social media, advertisements and other materials to help promote Japan as the ideal tourist destination. 

Anyone can participate to be considered for the all-expenses-paid tour of Japan during the filming period, starting with the Hokkaido tour in early September.  

If you and your loved ones fit the description of the participants mentioned above for these trips, you are most welcome to apply and win a free trip to Japan to celebrate a birthday like never before!

How To Apply

Application Period: 2 to 18 June 2023

Be a JbyJ member: You need to register as a JAPAN by Japan member if not already

Create Your Own Video: Show us why JbyJ should sponsor a trip for you and your loved ones in a 3-minute video (in English) created by you! We would love to know who you wish to celebrate on this trip, why you believe Japan is the best destination to celebrate your loved one(s), and what you would like to do on this trip.

Fill the Application Form: Following the submission of the video, you will need to fill out an application form for your desired destination.  

Interview: Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via [email protected], for an online or in-person interview (subject to availability of the candidate), for the final selection of successful participants!

What Next?

After successful selection, plan an itinerary along with JbyJ, and you’re ready to travel to Japan!

A few pointers to take note of would be that you should ensure your passport has at least six months of validity and it is strongly encouraged for you to acquire travel insurance from your preferred insurance company. 

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