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5 Ways to Spruce Up the Flavor of Your Morning Coffee

Making coffee at home instead of picking it up at a coffee shop can be a great way to save time and money. There are great options for adding new flavors to your regular coffee routine. Trying out one of these five ways to spruce up your coffee routine could help spice up your mornings and make you feel like you’re drinking a coffee house cup of joe. 

Flavored coffee beans

When you are brewing your own coffee, there are many types of coffee beans you can experiment with. Not all coffee beans will brew a regular cup of black coffee. You can try out a new coffee flavor by trying flavored fresh roasted coffee beans

You can get beans infused with flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and spices. A lot of companies even have seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice or s’mores. 

Trying out a new flavored bean could help take your morning cup of coffee at home to new and delicious levels. 

Add spices

An excellent way to add some extra health benefits and flavor to your homebrew is to add some baking spices or herbs to your coffee. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger can be a good way to add some warm spices, but you could also add something spicier, like chili powder, turmeric, or cayenne pepper. If you want to go for an herb, try adding some fresh or ground mint. 

Many spices and herbs can do amazing things for your body, such as lowering blood pressure, relieving stomach pain, and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Adding them to your morning coffee can help you experiment with new flavor combinations and give you added health benefits. 


Many coffee shop drinks have chocolate components to add a bit of sweetness to a bitter cup of coffee. There are a few ways you can add this flavor to your home coffee. You could add cocoa powder to hot or iced coffee. If you want a smoother chocolate flavor, you could add a few squares of chocolate to the bottom of your mug and melt it into your hot coffee. 

You could also add some chocolate shavings on top of milk or whipped cream. If you wanted to add a fancy touch to your drink, you could line your mug or glass with chocolate syrup and drizzle some on top of your drink before enjoying it.  

Flavored syrup

Most coffee shops use flavored syrup to mix up their drinks. If you know there are flavors you enjoy getting when you go out, such as vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut, you could buy your own syrups with these flavors.

You can also get a variety of flavors and test them out to see what you like best. 


Cream is a staple of most popular coffee drinks, so if you want to make your favorite drinks at home, you will want to experiment with cream. You can learn how to froth milk to add foam on the top of a drink or make your own cold cream. 

There are also many flavored coffee creamers you can test out to add flavor and a creamy consistency to your cup of joe. 

Parting shot

You can enjoy a morning cup of coffee in many ways, but if you want to mix up your regular drink, try out these five ways to spruce up the flavor. 

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