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Best Tech for Your Next Outdoor Break from Business

Getting away from the office and out into nature is an excellent way to restore your mind and rest up between projects. When you return to your business, you’ll be refreshed and ready to be productive. 

Having the right tech is essential if you’re looking to make the most of your time away from your business. Check out these gadgets so you can go back to work feeling revived and ready to tackle your next goal. 

Best Tech for Your Next Outdoor Break from Business - Alvinology

1. Solar Panels 

There is a simple way to enjoy nature with electricity without disturbing it. With the right portable solar panels strategies, you can power your lights, chargers, grills, and anything else that needs electricity. Not only are they sustainable, but they are convenient to use. Solar is a reliable and easy way to get electricity. They are lightweight and thin, making them easy to transport. Plus, they come in a plethora of sizes. 

Your amazing outdoor technology needs power, and there is no better way to get it than solar. 

2. Drone

Bringing a drone for your next outdoor experience can be a fun activity for everyone. It is enjoyable to fly your device around, and drone photography lets you get unique shots and perspectives that you could not otherwise get. Show them off to your clients as a unique talking point. 

Check out waterproof drones if you love exploring near water. That way, you don’t have to worry if your drone gets splashed or rained on. 

3. Waterproof Speaker

No outdoor adventure is complete without music. If nature alone isn’t enough to reduce your stress, music will help put you in your happy place. Take your tunes anywhere with a waterproof, rechargeable speaker. 

There are many excellent speakers on the market. The key to choosing one for your outdoor adventures is weight, battery life, and volume capability. 

For hiking and camping, a lightweight, smaller speaker will work best. Many have a carabiner perfect for clipping onto your backpack or tent. 

4. Smart Padlock

Unprotected outdoor gear is often stolen while camping or backpacking. Protect all your outdoor gear with a waterproof, smart padlock. Lock your bike, backpack, outdoor container, and more. 

Smart locks use Bluetooth and can be accessed via an app on your phone. It lets you give access to friends and family and logs all activity in the app.  They can be locked with a changeable PIN or your fingerprint for ultimate protection. 

5. Camp Stove 

The technology of camp stoves has greatly evolved. There is no more lugging around propane or butane canisters which come with their own risks. Portable wood-burning stoves are designed so efficiently that they can boil water as fast as a standard electric kettle. Now you can make your favorite camping meals quickly and easily. 

Some high-tech camp stoves can convert heat energy to charge your devices.  And because they are wood-burning, you can leave them running longer for warmth without worrying about using gas. 

Most brands are available in small, personal-sized cylinders to large, multiple-person stoves. The larger models are also excellent for backyard firepits and grilling. 

6. GPS Watch 

Best Tech for Your Next Outdoor Break from Business - Alvinology

A GPS watch is a smartwatch designed for hiking, camping, fitness, and other outdoor activities. Their features typically include GPS tracking, compass, topographic maps, altimeter, barometer, and fitness tracker. 

It is excellent for assisting during an outdoor adventure or tracking your workout. Most importantly, it can protect you from being lost outside and alert authorities of your exact location in an emergency. 

When choosing a GPS watch, look out for its battery life, user-friendliness, weight, and accuracy. 


Exploring new technology while exploring the great outdoors can combine hobbies or help you and your family get outdoors more. And while tech can entertain you on your camping trip, it can also keep you safe and comfortable. So pack up your portal solar panel and GPS and hit the open road toward your next outdoor adventure! 

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