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Signs That He Is Talking To Another Woman

There’s no guilt nor shame in wanting to know if your man is talking to another woman. Even the most confident of us sometimes wonders the same, too.

This suspicion might stem from insecurity while other times there are valid reasons for you to think so.

Hence, experts advise that it’s best not to jump to conclusions except after learning the expert-proven behaviors men who are talking to other women exhibit.

From a group of relationship experts, we’ve collated the definite signs that he’s talking to another woman. These tips will help you confirm or dismiss your suspicion and as such give you the peace you deserve.

Moreover, relationship coach, James Michael believes that if your memory can immediately recall two or more of these signs without difficulties, then your man is talking to another woman.

Find the most significant signs you wouldn’t see anywhere else but here;

1. His Phone Won’t Stop Ringing When You’re Together

Most times, the other woman can tell when he’s with you. So she seizes the opportunity to play dirty by constantly ringing him to create a rift between you two especially if they’re having a phone affair.

You can be sure that is the case if he refuses to pick the call or does but appears to be tongue-tied.

2. He Doesn’t Care Anymore

Whether through little or huge efforts, at the onset of a sweet and honest romantic relationship, a man would do anything to demonstrate that he cares for his woman.  However, the opposite is bound to happen when he starts talking to another woman.

“One thing cheating causes a man to do is becoming unconcerned about the little things that used to matter to him about you, including checking up on you, asking if you’ve had dinner, or were able to sleep at night. The only reason this shift is happening could be that he’s asking another woman all of these,” says Susan Johnny, author of Women Who Have Faithful Men.

Don’t confuse this sign to mean that perhaps he has a lot on his mind, cause relationship expert, Israel English says men who love their women don’t only care about their problems.

3. He No Longer Shows You Off

The more your space in his heart begins to shrink, the less he shows you off as his girlfriend.

Begin to pay attention to the number of times he goes out to events without you or fails to introduce you as his woman whenever you meet new people. This sign always gives cheating men away.

4. He’s Becoming Forgetful

A man who prioritizes his woman takes into notice everything she says.

“Men who are in love are usually attentive especially because they always want to impress their women. So when you notice that he can’t even remember what you told him last night or he’s not recalling your anniversaries like he used to, you can infer that he’s talking to someone else,” says Susan Johnny.

5. There’s a Bridge in Communication

“Cheating is first reflected in communication between couples,” says relationship counselor Noah Malcolm.

When he finds it hard to call or text you as often as he used to, then there’s someone somewhere whom he’s investing his energy in and that is not you.

You could begin by drawing his attention to this development. If, however, there are no changes, then he is seeing another woman and can’t help himself.

6. He Claims to Be Busy

One of the commonest excuses men would often give when they are no longer interested in their woman is the “I am busy” excuse.

If your man had always considered you in his schedule, but you now notice the decline in his consideration of you, it could mean that there’s another woman in the picture.

“The truth is, no matter how busy a man in love is, he’ll always squeeze out time for the woman he loves,” says dating expert Jones John.

7. He Always Fails to Show Up

When a man is not so into you anymore, he’d deliberately begin to cut ties with you. One way he makes this known is by failing to show up on an agreed date night.

The moment he makes it a habit to stand you up, he’s already seeing another woman and can’t wait for you to get the signal.

8. He’s Not Apologetic Anymore

When a man starts to lose interest in his woman, he’d most likely not demonstrate signs of remorse for his misbehavior.

“Character shift is something that happens in people who are losing interest in their partners. Thus, when your man who never had issues apologizing for his wrong becomes less apologetic for hurting your feelings, it’s clear that he’s in love with another woman,” says Bill John, author of I Know He’s Cheating.

Would he move the world to make up for a wrong doing, but now he can’t even admit he’s wrong and apologize for it? This act is a clear sign that your man isn’t afraid to lose you.

9. He Isn’t Emotionally Available

“The emotion is where the connection lies between the couple. Hence, when something is off, it begins to show in his emotions towards you,” says dating expert, Evans Herbert.

Check out how emotionally connected he is to you nowadays. Do you still hold deep conversations, share your feelings or he tries to avoid those moments?

“When he begins to see another woman, he’ll make himself less available to you emotionally. That’s just how the game works,” adds Evans.

10. You Feel Like Something is Not Right

“The instinct is always our third eye as women. So when we can’t help but feel uneasy about our men, then a storm might be brewing,” Meagan Simeon, a dating expert says.

If you’re usually not the paranoid or insecure type, once your instinct can’t make peace with his words, then you just have to brace yourself for the inevitable; a breakup.

11. He Asks that You Move Out

“A man who loves you would show you his house or invite you to come over,” says Steve Black, author of How Love Works.

This means that if you two co-exist, when he begins to cheat, he’d keep you out of his apartment whether by hook or crook. This is a strong sign that he’s losing interest. The trick is to see if his reason for asking you out of his home is valid enough.

12. He Calls You a Nag

“Male partners who don’t want to be accountable often tag their woman a nag when she begins to inquire about his schedules or points out the incoherence in his story,” says relationship expert, Anne Frank on,.

They do this in the bid to render you silent. Don’t fall for this trick, ensure to ask questions or express your grievances most civilly, this way, if he fails to give you a logical answer, you can bet that he’s not being sincere with you.

By evaluating your relationship, you can quickly tell that your man is talking to another woman with the above expert-proven tips. Remember asking questions will help you in your quest to find out the truth. Moreover, if you confirm that he’s cheating on you, it’s okay to let go to give room to grow yourself and find true love.

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