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What made the Witcher 3 a Massive Hit?

It’s been 6 years since the blockbuster named The Witcher 3 was released and it’s still as gripping as it was with its fascinating, so gorgeous yet twisted universe of monsters, magic and madness. The Witcher 3, the godfather of Open-world games, the GOAT, the best open world RPG ever made and a million more titles like that. But is it really that great? It would be a lie if you would say that you haven’t tried out Witcher yet, if it’s somehow true, grab yourself a Witcher 3 key and enjoy your journey.

OFCOURSE IT IS! The game is surely one of the best there will ever be in the genre. The very fact that made the game a hit is that it wasn’t designed to be of the traditional open world style. CD Projekt Red has been the definition of being outside the box with the game and that is for a thousand reasons. And also we can’t forget it’s latest release, Cyberpunk 2077, If you still haven’t tried it yet, you can look up Cyberpunk cd key to find the best prices available.

The Game as Whole: A Full Package!

The whole concept of the game is just so enthralling, from the protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, the Butcher of blaviken, the cold Witcher with no heart to all the Sorceresses, the kings, the monsters and all the magic in a world so beautiful that you get addicted to, and the cherry on top is its nonlinear storyline, the game overwhelms you so much that you just don’t want to stop playing.

Graphics don’t make a game great but they sure don’t harm it. The mesmerizing and incredible graphics, sunshine and style is so in sync with the game. I have personally found myself roaming around the map, enjoying the landscape and the sunsets, the beaches and the forests and every single detail that’s been put on the map for hours without tiring out.

Most games in the genre come with a huge arsenal and isn’t that just about right? The more the options the better right? It seems bad how the Witcher 3 is limited to a steel sword, a silver sword, a crossbow and a sprinkle of magic. But the fact that this limitation forces gamers into the style of the Witcher. It binds you to the game like some spell and it’s a major factor in making the game a big deal.

The game uses a level system like very RPG ever and the skills system is too interesting to let go of. It keeps you gripped to the game and you just feel like getting that skill, or crafting that piece of gear real bad and quick so you keep playing.

The enemies in the Witcher 3 are incredibly noteworthy. There are a number of specific monsters, all based off the series. They all have their own weaknesses, encouraging you to plan your approach regarding the oils, bombs and magic, something that reminds us of Elder Scrolls. Some you just have to keep evading because a single hit might just bring you down, while others need to be trapped in order to be defeated. The vastness of types of enemies requires of players to be very strategic.

The game has in-game minigames and the most popular one that has now become an independent game is Gwent. Gwent is a strategy card game with a consequence to every choice you make and skill is your greatest weapon, not luck. And speaking of card games, there are always some great deals for, Yu Gi Oh Legacy of the Duelist Key that you should check out!

Immersive Sound Track

While all that’s been mentioned above, one most important detail about the game is its music score, as beautiful as the game already is, what enhances and gives it a whole new height is the music. Every single soundtrack is so good to the ears and so on point in terms of the timing. My favorite one from the game is the Silver for Monsters and for me it still hasn’t been matched in terms of perfection.

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