School Homework is Here and Snapask is Coming to My Rescue - Alvinology

School Homework is Here and Snapask is Coming to My Rescue

How time flies! We are now starting the March school holidays and I am back with an update on Asher’s journey with Doreamon!

School Homework is Here and Snapask is Coming to My Rescue - Alvinology


Yes, that’s what Asher calls Snapask, because like how the earless robotic cat always gets Nobita Nobi out of sticky situations, Snapask is “always there for him” whenever he faces homework struggles. 

When Asher encounters homework problems, he will snap a picture of it, and tutors on the app will guide him through it. He can ask his questions anytime because the app has tutors on it 24/7. No need to waste time traveling to and fro tuition centers.

PSA: You can actually enjoy a free trial of asking questions when you sign up on Snapask. Let your child try it!

School Homework is Here and Snapask is Coming to My Rescue - Alvinology

Asher first got acquainted with Snapask during the December school holidays, and so far it has been a great help with his studies, especially this year as he moved up to upper primary with new topics and a heavier workload. 

Snapask rescues kids (and parents)

The different syllabus for each school year can be overwhelming for parents to familiarize themselves with to guide the kids properly. 

I myself “see stars” with all the different requirements and milestones for each subject. It can be especially daunting for working parents to keep close track of the education requirements and methods taught in school. This is where I find Snapask very helpful- Snapask tutors are well-qualified and in-sync with the syllabus (the tutors go through training, a testing period, and are also subjected to students’ real-time ratings), so this helps take the stress off parents. 

 I believe many fellow parents can see themselves in this video:

Good experience with Snapask tutors 

 At the start, I was worried that the tutors might spoon-feed Asher with answers. This would stifle his ability to think for himself. My worries were allayed by the professionalism of the tutors. The tutors we encountered asked Asher guiding questions to help him arrive at the answer himself. They also asked for workings to check Asher’s progress and understanding of their explanations. 

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Bite-sized, learning on-the-go

Besides asking questions, kids can also watch short videos on Snapask to learn about different topics. For example, for primary school Science, join Detective Kevin as he solves tricky cases involving cells, forces, and energy. 

There are 16 episodes in total, averaging about 5 minutes per episode. Perfect for kids’ short attention span. I encourage Asher to watch these episodes whenever we have downtime outside, such as during car rides or waiting for our meals. 

The Snapask advantage

Find out about Snapask [Be a Scholar] Programme, where students from Primary 1 to Primary 5 are eligible. Registration is open from now until 31 July 2021. Find out more here.

Follow Snapask on Instagram and Facebook to be informed of their latest educational news and campaigns. 

About Snapask

Snapask now connects 4 million students with over 350,000 highly qualified tutors worldwide. The company also provides a library of multimedia learning content and interactive course formats to encourage critical thinking and inspire self-directed learning. 

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