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Why Japan is the best travel destination for tech geeks

I am a tech geek, the kind who travels with at least 3 multi-plug converters, 2 cameras, 2 smartphones (one for iOS and one Android), lots of USB charging cables, a WiFi router from Changi Recommends, a large power bank, a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air laptop, an iPad Mini, a Kindle and lots of sim cards, memory cards and thumbdrives for storage. This is my bare minimum when packing tech gadgets for overseas trips. I like to stay connected all the time and these gadgets help me do so.

In my recent trip to Japan, I came to the conclusion that Japan is the best travel destination for tech geeks like me. Here’s why:


There are lots of power sockets in all the hotel rooms


This is a major sore point for me when staying at different hotels around the world, including the luxurious 5-stars ones – the lack of sufficient power sockets. Usually there is only one available one for guest’s use and if you are lucky, there will be two. In Japan, almost all hotels have at least 3 to 5 sockets. I stayed at 6 different hotels in my last trip to Japan and I counted the sockets at each hotel. Never once did I have to rotate the charging of devices due to the lack of available power sockets.


There is usually a charging port located at the bedside


This makes it convenient to charge my phone which I also double as an alarm clock. This seems like a common sense design, but many hotels around the world still not not have this. In Japan, there is always a charging port near the bedside, not to mention remote control to switch off all the room lights and the television.


Electronic toilet bowls


Almost all the toilet bowls in Japan are electronic, with an automated bidet and toilet seat warmer. This is any tech geek’s dream toilet. How can I get used to regular toilet bowls again after the Japan toilet experience!

4. Cheap (and weird) electronics everywhere


Electronics are generally cheaper in Japan than most countries. I bought two camera lenses during my last Japan trip. In the electronic store, I also saw many weird electronic stuff like a head massager for shampooing your hair, face massagers and many more. You don’t have to hunt far and out for these, just pop into any of the regular electronics stores near the hotel and you still see lots of these.


Connectivity is good everywhere

I visited some of the more remote locations in the west coast of Japan during my last trip. Yet I was able to get connected to the internet just about everywhere! Even in secluded mountain tops and when underground in the subway. Love it!

My only grouse is that free WiFi in Japanese hotels are usually only available in the hotel lobbies instead of within your own rooms. Nonetheless, as I always travel with a WiFi router from Changi Recommends, this is not much of an issue for me. You can rent a travel router from Changi Recommends when traveling to Japan for as low as just S$8 a day when they are running promotions. Do check it out. 🙂


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