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Security agency apologizes for Raybe Oh Siew Huey Video, slowed-down 4k version leaked

A video from the Tanjong Pagar BMW crash that involved Raybe Oh Siew Huey and Jonathan Long has surfaced online–and netizens were incensed.

According to a report from TODAY, E3N Security on Wednesday, February 17, issued an apology over the footage that featured Oh walking away from the burning wreck of her boyfriend, Jonathan Long’s BMW M4 coup. She was in extreme distress and wreathed in flames.

E3N Security issues apology over video

In a now-defunct post from their Facebook page, the company referred to the video and apologized for posting it.

“The clips clearly showed us how the car lost control and skidded towards the beam pillar and impacted the rear left forcefully, resulting in the explosion that followed in 15 seconds,” the post read.

“Ms Oh was seen dashing into the flames attempting to save the victims but ended up with herself on fire which took quite a long while to extinguish. Condolences to the victims’ families,” they added.

Netizens had bashed the agency, saying that it used the footage to promote their services, since the footage that was released bore a watermark that said, “E3N Security Pte Ltd”.

The agency then said that the video circulating in Singaporean chat groups bearing their watermark was not the version they released. They denied adding the watermark. The company said further, “The screenshots of our FB page with the video clips (show) that our clips (do) not have any watermarking,” it added.

“We hereby request that any websites, social media pages or users who are currently sharing the videos without our consent and knowledge to delete the video clip that was downloaded from our Facebook page. We reserve the rights to take legal measures against anyone who has distributed the video without authorisation,” said E3N Security.

“We hope that everyone can give some space to the victims’ families in times of sorrow to tide over this tragic event.” they added.

The Straits Times featured a cut version of the video, with a lower resolution. The security agency said that, “A low-res copy has been requested and sent to Straits Times, which is the only authorised exclusive media to redistribute the video other than SPF.”

4K Tanjong Pagar crash video slowed-down with Raybe Oh Siew Huey circulating

Singaporean chat groups and forums have been inundated with links to the security footage showing the Tanjong Pagar accident. A previous report from Alvinology featured the cut version that was featured on The Straits Times, which shows the events up to the point where Oh runs to the scene and tries to save her boyfriend and their other friends in the car.

Then other people, presumably her friends, try to help her, but the video is unclear as to how, as the light from the blaze on Oh distorted the video. Still, the footage was deemed very distressing as it showed the impact and the cause for her injuries.

Who is Raybe Oh Siew Huey? Where is she now?

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