[REVIEW] Love Oysters? Oyster Co offers Fresh Canadian Oysters from just S$1.99 Each (Delivery Available)

If you love oysters, you would be happy to know Oyster Co offers fresh Canadian oysters from just S$1.99 each. The oyster specialty restaurant at Central Mall now offers island-wide delivery in Singapore, bringing the freshness of the sea, right to your doorstep.

A minimum order of S$30 is required for delivery or self pick-up. You can choose from a variety of fresh, raw oyster options with no sauce from S$1.99 a piece for the regular ones to S$4.99 a piece for premium oysters to S$6.99 a piece for 5 to 6 inches giant oysters.

They will arrive at your door, nicely packed like this:

For those who prefer your oysters flavoured, Oyster Co offers their “Oyster Omelette” at S$10 for three pieces; as well as Mentaiko Cheese Oysters, Salted Egg Oysters and Vermicelli Oysters at S$15 for three. Alternatively, if you would like to try all four flavoured variety, you can order their Oyster Taster Platter at S$17.90 for an assortment of all four.

Of the flavoured variety, the Mentaiko Cheese was our favorite. We liked the Salted Egg version least as it was too overpowering and distracted from the taste of the oyster. One thing is for sure though, the oysters were all HUGE and CREAMY.

Oyster Taster Platter - S$17.90
Oyster Taster Platter – S$17.90
Oyster Omelette
Oyster Omelette- interesting take on our traditional orh luak!
Mentaiko Cheese Oyster
Mentaiko Cheese Oyster- crowd pleaser
Salted Egg Oyster
Salted Egg Oyster – overwhelms the oyster itself too much, which was a pity.
Vermicelli Oyster
Vermicelli Oyster- mouthful of vermicelli underneath. Eat a few of this and it could be a light full meal already.

For those who would like a carb dish to go with your oysters, try the Oyster Mee Sua at just S$5 a bowl, featuring fine thin strands of mee sua topped with shredded chicken and razor clams, sliced abalone, slightly tasty starchy broth accompanied with hints of black vinegar and chili.

  • Oyster Mee Sua
  • Oyster Mee Sua
  • Oyster Mee Sua


Oyster Co

1 Magazine Road, Central Mall #01-06

Singapore, SIN 059567

Tel: 9025 – 2524

Open from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm

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