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Ex-NS man pleads guilty to handcuffing, molesting 13-year-old girl in mall toilet

Alaric Lim Qixian, a 20-year-old former full-time National Service man plead guilty on Monday, September 28, to molesting a 13-year-old girl last year while he was still employed by the  Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Who is Alaric Lim Qixian?

According to a report by Channel News Asia, Alaric Lim Qixian plead guilty to committing an indecent act with a child and two other counts of taking upskirt videos of women. The upskirt videos were discovered after he was arrested for the first charge.

A report by The Straits Times also said that the girl’s identity was protected by a gag order. Channel News Asia said that he met the girl at a cosplay convention in Singapore, and had begun to chat with her on Instagram. He told her that he was a photographer and wanted to take photos of her. He sent her photos of scantily-clad women as proof.

NUS perverts abound–who is Nicolas Lim and why did he not get any jail time for peeping at girls in bathrooms?

The girl declined at first, then later agreed to participate in a private photo shoot that involved “bondage and stuff.”

Lim then told her that they could do a “test run,” to which the girl agreed as long as she would not be fully naked. They agreed to meet in a mall to conduct the test shoot.

The two met at about 5:30 pm on May 22 in 2019 at Plaza Singapura. They went to a toilet for the disabled and spent about 15 minutes playing a mobile phone game. After that, Lim then tied a rope around her body and put a blindfold and attached handcuffs to her wrists.

When she was restrained, Lim then began to molest her by touching her under her skirt, even when she told him to stop. The report from The Straits Times said that he begun to lick her. She did not raise her voice to call for help because she was afraid he would harm her.

After fifteen minutes of the same treatment, the victim was then untied and she took a bus home and felt very disgusted with herself afterwards. She told her mother when she got home, and they filed a police report the next day.

The police launched an investigation and soon arrested Lim, who was found to have three upskirt videos on his phone that were recorded in January 2018 as well.

Nicolas Lim, Alaric Lim Qixian and Terence Siow–what do these perverts have in common?

What was Alaric Lim Qixian’s defense?

According to Channel News Asia, Lim’s lawyers said Lim was “not aroused by this act of cosplay activity”, adding that his “intentions were not to take advantage of the victim but purely playing out what parties intended.”

“The accused has since learnt that there is a distinction between the cosplay mode of activity and (the) actual world,” the lawyers continued.

The judge has since said that he should be assessed for reformative training and probation, and has set sentencing for November.

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