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Singaporean TV actor Julian Hee bashed up at car park at Old Airport Road food centre

Singaporean Chinese actor and model, Julian Hee was allegedly punched in the face at Old Airport Road food centre, according to a Facebook post on 7 June (Wednesday).

In his post on Wednesday afternoon, the actor said a man had opened his car door which knocked his car. “A guy open his car’s door next to my car , Knocking onto my car hard. My whole car shook,” Hee wrote.

Hee then got out of his car and said “come on”, supposedly to the driver.

“He started a tirade against me and asked me if i see any damage on my car. I spotted a dent,” he added.

According to the Singaporean actor, the driver “yelled you idiot my car door cannot reach that dent.”

Hee said he told the driver not to address him as such, adding that he was bashed up.

“He pushed me. And started hammering me. I blacked out and fell on the floor. I went unconscious. A person called the police and ambulance. What is this world coming to???” he wrote.

In the comments section, Hee shared with well-wishers and netizens that he has to be hospitalised as scans suggest he could have suffered a fractured skull and subdural bleeding.

Here is Hee’s Facebook post:

Top image taken from Hee’s Facebook page.

[UPDATE] Reactions to Julian Hee’s recent traffic altercation drew attention to a previous incident he had with a retired school principal as well as many comments on his current looks. The internet never forgets and can be brutal. 



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