Looking for somewhere to get a professional haircut at a reasonable price in Singapore? Consider Yoon Salon to #supportlocal.

For many people, self-confidence on a daily basis is synonymous with “a good hair day”. When we know our mane is in good shape, it will brighten up our mood for the day. After all, this is why the term “crowning glory” exists to this day, a tribute to the fact that mankind has placed significant importance on our tresses since the early days.

Whether you are heading out for a special occasion to celebrate or just a normal #stayhome workday with numerous video calls, simply dressing up is never enough, you know you need to have that perfect hairstyle.

Enter Yoon Salon, a leading hair salon in Singapore with many years of experience in caring for tresses, operating three outlets across Singapore. The team at Yoon resolves to take care of all your mane’s needs with professionalism. The team is highly adept at perfectly styling a fresh new cut or providing a soothing and satisfying treatment, customised to each individual’s tresses and scalp needs.

With so many different salons out there, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to deciding which one can best address all the needs of your tresses. A wrong suggestion and procedure by an amateur hairdresser can totally ruin your day and you will be forced to sport a look you dislike. Therefore, an expert’s consultation is a must. An experienced stylist can provide sound and valuable suggestions to you.

The professional studio seeks to help their customers combat troubling hair issues and attain their desired goals for their locks.

Yoon Salon: What Are the Services Available?

As such, a  great reason to pick Yoon is because of the wide range of full suite of services they offer:

Recently, Korean and Japanese treatments are growing even more in popularity but not to worry, when it comes to staying in trend, these professionals are well versed in the latest fashion styles. Services such as the Premium Creative Hair Shaping and Perming will leave you with both beautiful and lustrous curls.

Other treatments that boast their skills also include those that target the wellness of locks and scalp. The Premium Hair Treatment focuses on resolving issues and providing repair for damaged locks. You have the luxury to choose from five different hair treatments such as:

  • Defrizzing
  • Gloss
  • Repairing
  • Smoothening
  • Strengthening

As for those who suffer from scalp conditions such as excessive oil production, dryness, sensitivity, and loss of strands, a remedy to try out would be their Premium Scalp Treatment.

Whatever the needs and concerns you have for your crowning glory, Yoon offers a premium solution to it.

Yoon Salon Testimonials

Over the years, the well liked studio has served many satisfied customers who always return to them. Some of them have even left them glowing testimonials to help advocate their service standards and commitments.

Free Hairstyling Tips from Yoon Salon

To showcase their appreciation to their customers for their support over the years and to act as a helpful guide for other Singaporeans, the studio publishes a wide set of free tips on their official website, coving topics from “How to pick the right hair dye” to “the difference between hot and cold perm” to the basics like “what is a digital perm”.

We are intrigued that they even had an article on how to pick the right hairstyle for your lifestyle – a fundamental question which we believe everyone asks themsleves every time before we go for a cut or treatment for our crowning glory.

Our locks frame our facial features and that is one the ways which many people choose to express ourselves. However, this does not mean that it has to be always aesthetics over function. If you lead an active lifestyle that involves a lot of sporty activities, a long flowing rebonded mane may not be that suitable.

According to the experts, to pick the ideal cut, there are three main details you have to consider: face shape, texture of your strands and your lifestyle. Visit the official website for more details.

New to perming for your tresses?

Fret not, the experts have your back.  It is shared that there are two types of salon perms — cold and digital perms. The former has nothing to do with using the internet to perm your tresses, instead, it uses a combination of a chemical solution and heat to loosely curl your straight strands. By comparison, cold wave treatment uses a stronger chemical solution without any heat to form coils that are more defined. There are more details on this on the official website.

Trying out a new look can be disastrous if you do not do your research. Instead of taking the risk with something that will stay with you for a few weeks or months, head over to their website and take a look around their free tips.

Trial Session

A first-time trial session is available from just S$28. Simply fill out the web form on their official website to get in touch or call the respective outlet you would like to visit via the numbers provided below.

Salon Locations

There are a total of three outlets in Singapore. In view of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, rest assured that the mandatory safe distancing and hygiene measures are in place to ensure that customers have the best hairstyling experience in a safe environment.

All three outlets are open from 11am to 9pm daily but you should consider calling them to make an appointment.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves to look their very best everyday, with the perfect style they desire. Change up your look every once in a while by treating yourself to a new colour, perm or style so that you never feel bored or old. Once you are ready for this, simply head on down to any of Yoon Salon’s three outlets for an appointment because you deserve the best.