Carlsberg launches new Alcohol Free Beer Range in Singapore - Alvinology

Carlsberg launches new Alcohol Free Beer Range in Singapore

 Earlier last year in March 2019, Heineken launched their Heineken 0.0 zero alcohol beer with only 69 calories in Singapore to attempt to capture a niche market segment of people who wants to drink beer, but without the alcohol content.

This year, rival beer brand, Carlsberg has just launched its new Alcohol Free Beer range, seeking to offer “Great taste. Wherever. Whenever.” to those seeking a refreshing beverage across different enjoyment moments in their different lifestyles.

Carlsberg launches new Alcohol Free Beer Range in Singapore - Alvinology
Carlsberg launches new Alcohol Free Beer Range in Singapore - Alvinology

To shake up the market a little, instead of launching just one beer, Carlsberg launched TWO alcohol free variants under a single brand to cater to audiences with different taste preferences.

Carlsberg launches new Alcohol Free Beer Range in Singapore - Alvinology

The new range boasts two flavours, the Carlsberg Alcohol Free Pilsner and the Carlsberg Alcohol Free Wheat, which contain not more than 0.5 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV).

“As more consumers across all legal age groups proactively become more health-conscious to maintain their wellbeing, seek premium, high quality products and entertain at home, they are increasingly looking for more beverage options that are in line with their lifestyles. This is where the Carlsberg Alcohol Free Beer range comes in, offering two great choices for consumers to enjoy, without compromising on taste,” shared Olivier Dubost, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore.

“As a company, we want to debunk the myth that alcohol free beer is a lesser alternative to regular beer. Alcohol free beer is a positive choice that can be proudly made based on one’s autonomy. Through our continuous commitment to research and development in alcohol free brews, we believe we have two great tasting brews on hand and we encourage everyone to try them for themselves, and share with friends and family,” he added.

Personally, I never fully understood the appeal of an alcohol-free beer beyond those who would like to binge drink in a responsible manner, especially if they are going to be driving after drinking. Nonetheless, there has to be a sizeable enough of a market for a global beer brand like Carlsberg to introduce its own alcohol free beer range.

Two new alcohol free beers

Non-alcoholic beer lovers can choose between two options for their preferred beverage of choice:

The Carlsberg Alcohol Free Pilsner is refreshing with a crisp hoppy bite, perfect for those who prefer a malty and hoppy pilsner or lager. The aroma of the beer is dominated by pine, straws, hazelnut and sorrel, similar to the characteristic notes of a Carlsberg Danish Pilsner.  It contains 66 calories per can. 

For those who prefer a sweet, citrusy taste, the Carlsberg Alcohol Free Wheat is a fresh and fruity wheat beer with light taste and a light cloudy colour. It has a complex aroma of citrus and clove, and is low in bitterness. It contains 102 calories per can, ideal for those seeking an alternative to a carbonated soft drink.

Enjoyment wherever, whenever

Carlsberg launches new Alcohol Free Beer Range in Singapore - Alvinology

With its great taste, the duo of Carlsberg Alcohol Free Beer is excellent for all types of lifestyles and occasions. Since you won’t get drunk drinking these beers, you can now choose to have them during day-time meals, to elevate your lunch experience, or post-workout, with its refreshing quality helping to quench one’s thirst.

The Carlsberg Alcohol Free Beers are also an exceptional selection for drinks with friends or during a dinner on a weekday, with work beckoning the next morning. For a longer night out, or all-nighter to remember, the new flavours enable a choice to keep going back to, for you to focus on the conversations that matter, with family and friends.

Carlsberg Alcohol Free Pilsner and Carlsberg Alcohol Free Wheat are available now in individual cans (330ml) and in 4-can packs at convenience stores, and major supermarkets and hypermarkets. They are also available online on your preferred e-commerce platform.

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