Oddle launches Oddle Eats, a new personalised food directory featuring over 500 of Oddle’s restaurant partners.

Diners can browse the online platform and click through to land on the restaurant’s page to order directly from them for island-wide delivery. Consumers will find a diverse range of food choices from local Singaporean dishes to Western cuisine, and favourites can be bookmarked and shared.

Oddle Eats is a simple, user-friendly platform to connect consumers and restaurants. The directory is intuitive and designed to create a social experience around online food delivery – encouraging users to like, bookmark and share interesting restaurant discoveries with their community.

Customers can now explore restaurants online and order special bundled meals for family or friends, from mobile to doorstep.

At the click of a button, the platform directs users to the restaurant’s own website to complete the order, bringing the best food in Singapore to Singaporeans, without middlemen or hidden costs.

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