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Our 5 favourite moments from BTS’ Bang Bang Con

ARMYs all over the world rejoiced on June 14 as we were treated to BTS’ first ever virtual concert, ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’. More than 700,000 ARMYs from 107 countries tuned in to witness the boys do their thing – and it was such a delight to watch amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, to be honest.

The setlist was 14 songs long, but even the breaks in-between each song were well worth the wait. Here are our 5 favourite moments from ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’.

The Throwbacks

Taking the lead from the music video of ‘We are Bulletproof: The Eternal’, ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’ started with a throwback of BTS’ discography starting from ‘DOPE’ and ‘Boyz with Fun’. They even performed other songs that we hadn’t seem them perform in a while, including ‘Just One Day’.

The ASMR Breaks

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and has become an online trend, where people whisper certain words or produce certain sounds into a microphone to create a relaxing sensation for the viewers. During BTS’ breaks during ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’, they whispered certain words into the microphone to delight of all of their fans.

The Comment Breaks

ASMR aside, the boys also took breaks to read some ARMY comments from all over the world. Our favourite one? Suga reading the comment “Yoongi, you look so amazing. I can’t believe this.” Too cute!

The LED Umbrella Choreography

Earlier this year, ARMYs went wild when J-Hope posted a photo of umbrellas on Weverse. (We went even wilder when he deleted them.) Well, they finally showed us what those umbrellas were for: an LED-filled choreography of ‘Boy with Luv’ for ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’. We definitely want one of those umbrellas now!

J-Hope’s Bracelets

The BTS members have showcased their creativity on livestreams during quarantine. Suga painted, for example, while Jungkook made Korean holiday decorations. One member who has been doing something unique is J-Hope. On some of his VLIVE streams, he showed us that he was making personalised bracelets for each BTS member, and he finally gave them those bracelets during ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’. Their reactions were absolutely priceless!

Are you an ARMY, too? What was your favourite ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’ moment?

Featured Image Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment.

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