Which ‘Too Hot Too Handle’ couples are still together? Where are the cast members now?

The reality TV dating game show Too Hot to Handle is one of the most-watched and talked-about shows on Netflix at the moment. The show revolves around hot singles, who were specifically chosen because of their dating habits. Normally, they’d hook up and fool around than expend building meaningful emotional connections. The twist? Despite being surrounded by other hot singles left and right; none of them are allowed to have sex, kiss, or even masturbate while on the island.

If you have watched the show and are wondering whether the couples are still together and what the rest of the cast members are up to, read on.

Sharron and Rhonda

Sharron and Rhonda. Image Courtesy of Bustle.

Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul are the couple that truly captured the audience’s hearts. What started off as some innocent flirting on day one eventually turned into a serious relationship with Sharron even meeting Rhonda’s son through a video call on the show. Sadly, the two are no longer together.

Although they did keep dating for a few months after the show, it seems they did not take their distance out of the show into account. Sharron lives in New Jersey and Rhonda lives in Atlanta. Add to that the family issues that Sharron encountered after the show and it was bound to end. Rhonda explains that they do still talk, but they have both agreed to just be friends for now.

Francesca and Harry

Harry and Fran. Image Courtesy of The Tab.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey are the notorious couple of the show, having spent more than $30,000 (S$42,479) on the island just to hook up whenever they got the chance to. Harry admits that things have been really hard after the show since he lives in Australia and Fran lives in Vancouver. He shares that he has flown to Vancouver to see her, though; while she has flown to Australia to see him, as well.

The two broke up for a bit at one point, but it turns out they are still together. According to Harry, they are actually “in the best position we’ve ever been”. In fact, it turns out Fran already has plans to move to Australia to be with Harry and get this: they are already planning their future wedding! Fran shares that they have already shared photos of rings and have expressed interest in having the whole event filmed if Netflix would be interested in doing so.

Bryce and Nicole

Bryce and Madison Wyborny. Image Courtesy of StyleCaster.
Nicole. Image courtesy of The Oprah Magazine.

Bryce Hirschberg didn’t get a happy ending on Too Hot to Handle, although he did flirt with Chloe during the show. The biggest plot twist is that he has stayed in touch with Nicole O’Brien and the two are currently dating long distance!

The couple has been dating for more than a year now after they bonded during a cast reunion a few weeks after filming wrapped. Nicole admits that Bryce wasn’t really her type at first, but that they formed a proper connection after she got to know him more. With Nicole living in London and Bryce living in LA, they have been keeping in touch through FaceTime and visit each other whenever they get the chance.

David and Lydia

David and Lydia. Image Courtesy of StyleCaster.

Too Hot to Handle ended with David Birtwistle starting to build a connection with Lydia Clyma, but it doesn’t seem like the two hit it off after the show. In fact, Lydia was oftentimes seen on Bryce’s boat after the show; but we now know that Bryce is dating Nicole.

It seems that both David and Lydia are currently single. David seems to be doing well working as a personal trainer in London. He has also founded a company called Endeavor Life, a program based on fitness, nutrition, and performance coaching – and he is looking good! David says that he is now a changed man when it comes to dating and plans on working on himself first before dating anyone again.

Lydia currently lives in London and has had some small roles on Sex Clinic and Ibiza Weekender. She is also planning on working on a mental health documentary because the topic is close to her heart.


Chloe Vietch. Image Courtesy of Elite Daily.

Former Top Model UK winner Chloe Veitch was the ditzy one of the Too Hot to Handle cast. She tried so hard to find love on the show – trying to find a connection with Bryce and then Kori – but left the show single.

The show didn’t just build relationships, though; it built friendships, as well. Chloe is still good friends with Nicole as seen on her Instagram account with her even saying that she can’t wait for more nights out on the town after quarantine. She is also proud to say that she sees dating differently now.

Kelz Dyke

Kelz Dyke. Image Courtesy of Bustle.

Kelz Dyke had a brief flirtation with Fran when she and Harry had a falling out during the show, but he didn’t flirt with anyone anymore after that. Since the show, he has been spotted in London partying with Love Island 2019 winner Amber Gil.

Which Too Hot to Handle cast member was your favourite?

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